"Canine Underground Railroad"

What is Boxer CUR?

Boxer CUR is the transportation of rescued boxers from one place to another.   In a CUR run, someone volunteers to drive a dog a certain distance where they meet another person at a prearranged place, and the second person continues to drive, meeting another person if necessary, until the dog reaches its new owner.  It really does work! And our babies get to their new homes without a whole lot of expense.  Sometimes airlines can't fly boxers because the weather is too hot or too cold.  Sometimes the adopting family cannot afford the airline fees.   Sometimes the boxer shouldn't fly.  For these reasons, CUR runs are part of the lifeblood of canine rescue.

How These Pages Work

The Boxer CUR pages are a tool for putting volunteer drivers together with CUR run organizers.  Volunteers list themselves here, and run organizers can search for volunteer drivers based on their location, driving range, day of the week, etc.

Volunteers create their listings here, providing their names, their general location, email (and other contact info, if they like), how far they think they can drive, and the best days for them to drive.  Their listings are not a commitment to drive on a particular day.  Anyone who provides their information here is saying "Please contact me if the need arises.  If my (family/work/life) schedule permits, I'd be happy to help by driving a boxer."   Volunteers may make changes to or remove their listings at any time.   Right now, there are volunteers listed on these pages from all over the United States and Canada. The more potential volunteers there are, the easier it is to organize a CUR run.

Run organizers can search the listings for volunteers for each leg of a CUR run.   Again, the more volunteer drivers listed, the better the chances of finding good matches for any particular run.

Volunteer for Boxer CUR

If you'd like to be available to make Boxer CUR runs, please take the time to create your listing.   Remember, you may change or delete your listing yourself at any time.   This is good for you, and also helps ensure that the information stored here is accurate and up to date.

Find Volunteer Drivers

Search for volunteers based on their location, distance they can drive, available days of the week, etc., and see your search returned to your browser, sorted by location, driving distance, or both.  Contact volunteers along your CUR route and organize a run.   Help a boxer move to a better life!

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