Cooper's Doggie Directory

Boxer Rescue

The Dog Zone (Rescue Lists)

National Breed Club Rescue Network

Color Country Boxer Rescue (Cathi Miller)

Canine Connections Rescue Information Index

Boxer Rescue USA

Boxer Rebound Inc

National Breed Club Rescue Network

Boxer Rescue, Dayton, OH, and Surrounding Area

If you would like to join the Rescue-L List, you may send email to Rachel Osborn at ghost@erinet.com for further details.

American Boxer Rescue Association

The American Boxer Rescue Association

American Boxer Club Home Page

Boxer Rescue Sites

Dogs Bereavement and Rescue

Doggie Stuff

Cooper's Poetry Page

Cooper's Poetry, Book, Story and Quote Index

Dog Heaven

The Senior Dogs Project - caring for older dogs

Flint River Ranch Premium Dog And Cat Food - Excellent Food!

Homecooking For Dogs

The Official Boxer Mailing List Homepage -A Great Site!

BML Breeder, Rescue And Owner Map - Super Site!

The First Annual Boxer Mailing List Boxer Bash

The Boxer Dog Owner's Guide

Deaf Dog Education Action Fund

Wolf Packs - Gear For Dogs


The Dog Hause: A Playground For Pets And Pet Lovers

All Dogs

The Boxer Ring Homepage

Electronic Zoo/NetVet - Animal Image Collection

U.S. FDA Center For Veterinary Medicine

The Country Butcher Shop - Treats For Dogs

Treats ~ A Bakery and Gift Shop For Dogs

The White Pages (dedicated to the white boxer!)

The Dog And Cat Book Catalog (from Direct Book Service)

Dogs (a great site!)

Cyber Dog

Canine Homepage Directory (add your dog's homepage)

Dog Terms Glossary

A-! Boxer Dog Breeder's Showcase

Puttin' On The Dog (A terrific catalog)

Dog Talk

How Dogs And Their Owner's Personalities Are Similar

Natural Paws-Health News and Natural Products For Pets

A Pet Owner's Guide To Small Animal Poison

Doglogic-Goodies For Large And Giant Breeds

Everything Animal

Boxer Screensaver

The Dog And Cat Corner - screensavers, cursors etc.

The Delta Society - Companion Animals

Assistance Dog & Animal Information

Dogs Bereavement and Rescue

Living With A Deaf Dog

The Blind Dog Web Page

Deaf Dog Education Action Fund

Major's Mission Website - New


Cooper's Cat Capers

Cooper's Kitty Memorial Page - More info: ldywind@earthlink.net

Punkie's Page

Cat Breed Descriptions

Kevin's Kat Piktures!

Pet Zone - Feline Leukemia

The Cat Doctor

The Cat Map

Cindy's Cat Pages

The Cat Kingdom

Back Fence Cat Club

Catstuff - Graphics & More

Claw - Cat Club

Does Your Cat Own You???

The Scratching Post

Links To The Best WWW Cat Sites

Cat Lover's Bulletin Board

Cat Names

Cat Quilts

How To Choose A Kitten

Vet Symptoms Page

Cat Poetry



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