This precious little girl is Zuki and she is owned by Caroline and John Woods of Manahawkin,New Jersey. Isn't she a cutie!

Zuki was born on August 21, 1998, and is deaf. She shares her home with a male fawn boxer named Dakota, a male cat, Eclipse, and a parrot named Jake.

Zuki came to live with the Woods at exactly 8 weeks old. She weighed six pounds and four ounces. :o)


Here Zuki has just had her bath! Big brother Dakota jumped up to make sure that Zuki was okay. He really takes good care of her! :o)

Zuki loves to snoop around. Her favorite game is to run upstairs and hide under the bed.

Her favorite toy right now is a tennis ball.....and she loves to carry it all around. She drops it and chases it, and uses her front paws much like a soccer player uses their feet and legs. Caroline says it's quite funny to see!


Caroline tells us that Zuki is quite fascinated by Eclipse the cat and loves to chase her (something they're trying to discourage.) Zuki and her brother Dakota get along very well, and they share EVERYTHING! They love to romp and play and have a good time, especially with stuffed animals. :o)



How sweet.......Zuki is taking a nap with big brother precious!

Caroline says that they have been training Zuki using sign language. She is doing very well, and already knows the signs for sit, down, follow me, and eat. Caroline says that she is such a smart little girl, and they are so glad that she is apart of their lives. We can see why!


Awww, look, Zuki has fallen asleep chewing on her bone! What a cutie she is.......:o)


Caroline and John, thank you so much for sharing your little Zuki with all of us. She is such an adorable little girl, and we know that she has a very special home with you. We're so pleased to welcome Zuki to the White Pages as our newest member! :o)



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