Awww......look at this precious little face! This is Spot....and his owner is our own Boxer Kate, better known as Katherine Nevius of Arlington, Virginia. The proud mom to these little cuties and their three other siblings is Hedy. See Hedy together with her precious brood!

And this little sweetie is Spot's brother Winston. Aren't they just adorable?

They were born on May 1, 1997. Kate tells us that Winston talks the most, is intrepid, and has the most personality of all five puppies in the litter. Spot is a sweet angel, who's happy to snooze away his life on his back in your arms. He's also the one who has learned to try and play with his siblings. They sound like one big bundle of joy! Thanks, Kate, for sharing your babies with us.

Winston & Spot visited times since June 3rd, 1997...

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