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White boxer dog photo gallery: 70-plus beautiful pages of gorgeous white boxers from around the world. Separate white boxer fact from fiction. See the origins of the boxer breed.

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The WhiteBoxer Mailing List

We have created a new mailing list for white boxer lovers, however all are welcome to subscribe. White boxers seem to generate a lot of controversy, so I want this list to keep posts curteous and respectful at all times. No flames and arguments will be tolerated. As white boxer owners, we know that there really are alot more out there, than most think, and unfortunately, many end up in shelters and rescues. We hope this list will be educational, another medium that can help the rescue effort, as well as a place to discuss white boxers in general, and a place to just plain have fun talking about our beautiful angels! ;o)

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Welcome to the White Pages! The owners of this page, in
accordance with the American Boxer Club by-laws, in no way
condone the practice of selling, breeding, or registering
(other than ILP number) of white boxers, and will allow no
such information to be included in these pages.  Now, so
much for the legalities, and on to the fun stuff!!
This purpose of this page is not only to showcase pictures
of white boxers, but is also to be a resource of data and
links for people who may be interested in adopting a
white boxer and are looking for information.

Many people have common misconceptions regarding white
boxers, thinking that they are albinos or some sort of genetic
mutation. In fact, about 20% of all boxers are born white, and
this is due to the history of the boxer. The first boxers were,
in fact, what people these days call "check", which means
a white base color of at least 33% with fawn or brindle spots.
The acceptance of this coloring was abandoned in America in the
1920s, but the genes that make these white boxers are carried on
generation to generation, as many of the first American imports and
champions (and hence stud dogs) were of "check" coloring.

Color on white boxers, when they have any color at all,
is generally (there are always exceptions to any rule) on the
head, ears, or tail region. There has been no genetic reasoning
to explain this. White boxers are not albinos, and they do have
a pigmentation on the skin, which shows up as muted gray spots
covering the whole body. These spots are present in the white
areas of all boxers, for if you look closely at the
"flashy" areas of colored boxers, you will see these
same spots. Don't let anyone tell you that the spots will
continue to grow and by the end the dog will look like a
Dalmatian - this simply isn't true.

The genetics of white boxers have had very little scientific
study as of yet, due to the stigma for breeders of having whites
in their litters (see the AKC Gazette article). Check out the
articles below regarding the inheritance pattern of the white
ground color from two different views. There does seem to be a
higher incidence of deafness in white boxers, but again there is
no statistical evidence to support this. Once the stigma regarding
throwing whites is overcome, hopefully someone will start a
full-scale study into the genetics of the white inheritance.

As white boxers are born about 1 - in - 5, please be aware that
people advertising "Rare White Boxers", or "Rare
Himalayan Boxers", or (get this) "Pinto Boxers," are
just trying to make a quick buck - unethically so.  We hope that this
page will help to answer any questions that you may have before you
adopt a white boxer. And just let us say this...a boxer is a boxer
no matter what color! If you are just looking for a pet, please
consider adopting a white boxer, as there are an unequal number of
them in rescue.


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By Lori Eustis

The Inheritance Of Coat Colors

Coat Colors in Boxers
and the American Boxer Club

Coat Color Inheritance

The White Marking Patterns Of Boxers

Canine Color Genetics

Ineritance Of White Markings

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