October 17, 1997 - February 1, 2000

This cute little guy is Vito Kickboxer and he is owned by Dori and Phillip Ellis of Toledo, Ohio. Isn't he precious? Love those ears!

Vito was born on October 17, 1997, the fourth in a litter of 7 white boxers. Dori and Phillip tell us that they drove from Toledo to Tiffin to see the litter and instantly fell in love with little Vito.

Oh gosh, we would too......he just so precious, and what a picture that is with him holding his bone!


Vito is an only child....:o) Vito was a challenge for the Ellis' because they had always had small Boston Terriers in the past. At their age, they say Vito really keeps them busy.

Vito likes to be heard. He whines like Chewbacca from Star Wars when he wants or needs something. LOL! We'd love to hear that.....:o)

Dori and Phillip had to take away his squeaky toys because he would tear them apart to take the squeaker. out. Hmmm, that sounds familiar to a lot of us I'm sure. They now give him rawhide chews and hard rubber toys and balls.


Aww, what a cute picture. Here is Vito snuggled up in his daddy's lap.

Dori says that Vito hates to be ignored. When he wants out he pushes aside the blinds at the door to look out and whines or barks.

Vito is also a gardner. He digs, pulls out plants, vegetables (garlic and onions) flowers and pulls the bark off the trees. He like to steal the Ellis' garden gloves so they will chase him.....:o) Dori and Phillip say he only chews the blanket on his bed in the house, thank heavens!


Vito still thinks he's a little pup. He acts like a lap dog and jumps up on the family, friends and company. Dori says that is their biggest challenge......to keep him down. He springs like a deer.......4 feet high on a 6 foot fence." He has LOTS OF ENERGY", says Dori and Phillip!

The Ellis' walk Vito at least twice a day, sometimes more. The more exercise he gets the better they sleep......:o)

In the summer he likes to play in the garden hose and the bird bath. He likes to eat cookies, vegetables and ice cream. He also loves to crunch ice cubes and steal a few licks of Pepsi from a glass he finds within reach.....Watch Out For The Drool!!

Vito is well behaved in public and when on his leash, but just like any kid, his manners slip at home and he has to be frequently reminded. Dori says that since their children are grown and gone from home, that Vito now keeps them young. As they say........."this porcelain lad is worth all the work!"

Dori and Phillip, what a beauty Vito is, and we can imagine just how much energy he has.........we all have experienced that at one degree or another. Thanks so much for sharing Vito with all of us, we have enjoyed him so much. We are so pleased to welcome Vito as the newest member of the White Pages! 4/15/99.



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