The Truth About Albino Boxers

Lori Eustis

Although albinos occur in almost every animal species by 
natural genetic mutation, albino dogs are almost never found in 
any breed. White boxers are NOT albinos. True albinos have no 
pigmentation at all, which is most readily apparent in the unpigmented 
eyes, which appear to be pink. White boxers, at the very least, 
have dark spots under the fur on the skin, as do all boxers (look 
closely in the "flashy" area of a colored boxer). Most 
whites also have brown (or in some cases blue) eyes and partially-to-
fully-pigmented noses and lips. Also, many white boxers have patches 
of color around the eyes, ears, or tail. DO NOT let any breeder, 
veterinarian, or other person tell you that your boxer is an albino, 
as it is simply not true.


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