This precious little guy is Timon, and he is owned by Karina and Daan Lamers-Treur of Aalsmeer, The Netherlands. Isn't he cute? :o) Timon will be 1 year old on March 2nd.

Timon is named after the same in the movie The Lion King.

Karina and Daan had wanted a boxer for some time, and when they learned of a white being born in a litter, they traveled a great distance to see him. They instantly fell in love with the little guy, and made arrangements to pick him up on April 29 when he would be 8 weeks old. Karina says they have no children, but she almost felt like she was pregnant, waiting those long weeks until they could bring Timon home with them. :o)


Karina says she just couldn't stop buying dog stuff, and could talk of nothing but Timon at work. Boy, sounds like a mom to us!! :o)

Karina and her husband took off work for a week so they could spend five days helping Timon adjust to his new environment.

From the beginning Karina says that they trained him to do little things, like sit on the doormat when they come back from a walk so that they can clean his feet, and sit when they bring him his food. They read books about socializing puppies, so they took him to the market and introduced him to the other dogs in the neighborhood and let him get used to traffic sounds.


Karina and Daan also took Timon to puppy training where he learned sit and down, walk on the leash and come when called. Karina says they always started and ended the lessons with some playtime to get socialized with the other dogs. They learned that puppies at this age learn very quickly, especially when there is a treat to be earned at the end of practice. :o)

When Timon got too old for this class, they took him to the next group which is from 12 weeks to 6 months. The exercises were pretty much the same as in the earlier training but with some extra handicaps built in.


Here Timon is all snuggled up in his daddy's arms! What a sweetheart he is!

Karina says that all the obedience training has resulted in a well behaved, friendly and social dog that likes everyone and isn't scared of anything. His only flaw is that he can get a little overly exited when he meets people they know, but as Karina explains, that's one of the things that make a boxer so adorable....they're always happy to see you! We agree Karina....there isn't anything in the world like a boxer greeting!


Karina and Daan started taking Timon to the forest and the beach when he was 12 weeks old. He is absolutely crazy about the beach; he runs into the water and loves to fetch his ball.

He is always full of fun and wants to play all the time. Then he falls asleep when he is tired and still plays in his dreams....:o)

His favorite toys are squeaky toys. When, by accident, he rolls his ball underneath the couch, he will like flat on his tummy with his head underneath the couch and start to make moaning sounds that will make your heart break and tears come to your eyes.


Timon's favorite four-legged friends are Donna, a Rhodesian Ridgeback owned by their neighbors and Freddy and Doortje, Karina's parent's boxers. He is not too crazy about cats, but that is only because he's not used to them. Karina says that they have no other pets at this time. Perhaps someday they will find a boxer companion for their beautiful Timon! :o)

Timon's favorite snacks are cookies and chewing bones. He also likes dried cow's ears very much. Karina thinks it looks disgusting, but he loves it and it satisfies his need to chew on things.


Timon's absolute favorite thing to do is sit in their lap or to cuddle up next to Karina and Daan in bed. They allow him to lie with them in the morning for about 15 minutes. Karina says that he likes to lie so close that he almost pushes one of them out of bed......but when they get up, Timon has to get up too, otherwise he would be sleeping there all of the time.

Karina and Daan, we think your Timon is just adorable! Thank you so much for sharing your baby with us.......we are so proud to welcome him to the White Pages! :o)




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