Bowe, Gem, Taylor and Toddy

This lovely
girl is Bowe, and was owned by Mary Jackson of Unionville,
Virginia. Mary says that she first saw Bowe on a cold winter day,
huddled up against a tree trying to find some sun and a soft
place to lie down. She was quite thin, and when Mary walked up
she got up and

trotted down a path away from her. Mary walked up
to the house where Bowe had gone, and out walked the lady who had
bred her brindle bitch to Mary's Gent two years before. It turned
out that Bowe was one of the pups from that litter, and Bowe's
brindle mother was there too, also skinny. The lady was leaving,
and she put the dogs in a cinderblock building with a freezer.
There was no bed and no heat. This woman said she kept them in
the cinderblock building to keep the pipes
from freezing with
their body heat. Mary asked if she might buy them both, and the
owner said she'd have to think about it.

A week later, the lady called
Mary and told her she wanted $600.00 for the brindle and $300.00
for the white. Mary couldn't afford that, so she had to decline.
But, this woman took them to the pound. Mary went and got them
both from the pound, God bless her! They both lived with Mary
until they passed away. The brindle girl didn't live very much
longer after that as she had developed bad lungs and was unable
to breathe well. Bowe lived to be 12 years old and died in Mary's

Mary told me that Bowe was a wonderful dog, very sensitive
to her moods and when things got bad she always had that
beautiful head in her lap with those soulful eyes saying,
"Its OK Mom, its going to be OK". Bowe was a wonderful
girl who got Mary through some very rough times. She could always
cry on her shoulder and Bowe was always there for her. Bowe was
known to all who knew her as "Bowe the family dog" and
her family was widespread throughout Orange County, Virginia. All
who knew her loved her very much!


This lovely
little girl is Gem. Gem got her name because she has a blue speck
in her eye that looks like a Star Sapphire. Mary rescued Gem from
abusive owners,as a matter of fact, the same people that had Bowe
and her brindle mother. She told us that Gem and her litter mates
were used as a football by the
owner's 26 year old son, and Gem
was kicked so hard that her ribs were broken, and she still has a
knot where the bones were broken. Gem is so fortunate that Mary
found her when she did.

Gem and her litter mates
were so traumatized, that they wouldn't go up to a person and
greet them. Gem finally greeted Mary's father the other
day! What great news!

This is Gem and her Toddy dog! They
love watching the squirrels. Mary says that Gem loves Toddy

This beauty is Taylor. Mary says she
was born at her home, and is the first white boxer pup she has
had that no one wanted. Mary says that was fine, because when she
was born, she decided to keep her. Taylor is the last of the old
line that Mary had, and a great-niece to
her beloved Bowe who had come before Taylor, Gem and
Toddy. She is much too smart for her own britches...and
constantly in trouble. She can find the
smallest hole and get out under or through it. Mary says she
doesn't climb thank heavens, or her property would look like a
federal prison!

Taylor's love of life fills Mary with such cheer,
and she's always smiling and laughing at her antics. Sounds
familiar to many of us doesn't it? Taylor has very unusual eyes.
Thy are a greenish hazel and gives her a stare that always looks
so serious! As Mary puts it, "Life with Taylor is a
trip!!" Thanks Mary for sharing your beauties with all of

A special note here folks........two
of the lovely dogs on this page had a horrendous beginning at
the hands of an owner who was
abusive and uncaring. We owe Mary Jackson a round of
applause and good wishes for being there to rescue these babies.
This is a good example of why it is so important to remain
vigilant in the boxer world, for surely there are many, many
more boxers who suffer.

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