This lovely young lady is Sweetpea, and she is owned by Carolyn and Bob Nelson, and their children Nick age 9, and Kasey, age 3. Sweetpea also shares her household with Shelby, a 7-8 year old mix breed and Tucker, a 4 year old mix breed. Sounds like Sweetpea has a full house! ;o)


These are indeed lovely pictures of Sweetpea (we love her coat) and of course, Carolyn. ;o) We can tell already that Sweetpea is a spoiled little girl, but then, aren't all our boxers? :o)

Carolyn says that they live in Waldorf, Maryland and she and her husband are both active duty Marines. I can't resist Carolyn..............does Sweetpea know how to march yet? <giggle? ;o)

Carolyn says that Sweetpea was born on January 1, 2000! Wow! A New Year's baby!

She says that they adopted Sweetpea from a wonderful gentleman, Fawz Bakir, who rescued her, and is pictured above, center.


Carolyn says that Sweetpea loves to play hard and sleep hard. Hey.......just like a Marine! ;o) Her favorite treat is cheese balls and her favorite game is tug of war. Oh, that's a great game isn't it Sweetpea? ;o)

She loves to play with every member of the family. Sweetpea attended Clicker Training obedience classes with Carolyn at the Felicity Dog Training School. She loves to travel and dislikes being left behind. Hmmm....I think most boxers dislike being left behind. Can anyone think of a word to describe "hates being left behind" for the "Boxer Glossary"? I'm not sure that has been added yet.

Carolyn says Sweetpea is full of personality and tends to act just like their three year old Kasey. ;o)

Well Carolyn and Bob, we think Sweetpea is a little darlin' and we thank you so much for sharing her with all of us. and Sweetpea, we are so proud to welcome you to the White Pages as it's newest member. December 30, 2000.





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