This gorgeous pair is Dempsey on the left, and Sugar Ray on the right. They are owned by Chris and Victoria Raabe of Purcellville, Virginia. Victoria tell us that they are completely nuts, , devoted and wrapped up in Sugar Ray and Dempsey. :o)

Sugar Ray was born 12/31/96, and neutered. He is 70 plus pounds. He is known as Thing One, The Good One, Shuggy, Lumpa, Toogie, Poops, and Doofus!



Victoria says that Sugar Ray loves his Trax Ball the was his prize from Puppy Kindergarten. He will press it up against the family's legs or feet if they won't play to get someone's attention. He also goes nuts for any squeaky toy. Usually he "talks" to the toy in a similar tone until he disables the squeaker. :o) Sometimes he carries a basketball in his mouth. The chase game of keep away is Sugar's favorite occupation.



Sugar Ray loves his little sidekick Dempsey. Together they sometimes do mischief like digging up moles or dragging their crate pads way down the field. Both love the trampoline but wouldn't get in the swimming pool for anything. Boy, we'd love to see them on that trampoline, that must me something! :o)



Dempsey had a very rough start in life with illness and neglect. With loving care and patience, Victoria and Chris have been rewarded with the sweetest little companion there ever was. Dempsey born 5/15/98 and neutered. He is content with his role of second banana to Sugar Ray and usually lets his big brother do the instigating. He forever has his toys taken away, but will defend his little stuffed lamb which he takes very good care of. :o) He is beginning to like to play with a tennis ball, but doesn't grasp the concept of fetch yet. He just watches.



Victoria says that they call him The Sweet One, Thing Two, Little, Peeps, Goofus, and Babykins. This precious little boy never jumps up on folks and does try very hard to be good. Sometimes he forgets the couch is off limits and breaks other assorted rules. Victoria tells us that everywhere they go, they draw a crowd...."What kind of dogs are those? They are so well behaved!"


Here's a cute picture of Sugar Ray in his Santa hat, and the picture on the right is Victoria and her family.....:o)

We think that Sugar Ray and Dempsey are just beautiful, and such a sweet pair. Thank you so much Victoria and Chris, for sharing them with us all. We are so happy to add them to our growing family on The White Pages!



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