This precious little darling is Sugar and she is owned by Carole Ruddy and hubby of Nashville, Tennessee.

Sugar also shares her home with her sister Brandy, a fawn boxer........from the same litter. Carole tells us that they were born on her birthday, March 20, and both will be 3 years old this month. She says that she knew they were meant for her when she found out that they were born on her birthday!

What a wonderful coincidence! We think the were meant just for you too Carole.....that's wonderful!


Awwww, what cuties! Here's Carole holding both Sugar and Brandy when they were just little ones. How precious they are!

Carole says that Sugar is boss! She thinks she must have everything that Brandy is playing with..............and Brandy just let's Sugar have it without a fuss. "Never a fight" says Carole. Sounds like these little one's were made for each other. :o)

Carole says that they both love the water as it comes out of the sprinkler in the yard, and they wait for her to turn it on so they can play....:o) Ah! True boxers indeed! you wouldn't call them spoiled would you? Look at this....boxers all the way....lap dogs for sure.

Carole says they love to climb up and sleep in her lap at night. After doing so many pages about boxers, I am truly convinced that no matter what size they are......boxers truly think they are lap dogs and that's exactly where they belong.....:o)

Where else? :o)


Oh look! How cute! Carole says that Brandy and Sugar both go to the bathroom each morning and wait for her to come and brush their teeth! She says that they love it! They also help Carole by carrying dirty laundry to the laundry room. Wow! Now that's boxer service for 'ya! :o)


Oh my, look at this fancy dining table! Sugar and Brandy's dad made it for them. Carole says that they actually have much less gas since they have begun to eat from a higher level.


\Carole says that they both love to play tug-of-war, and sure enough, here they are with their dad, having a great time of it! Hmmm, wonder who wins? Bet it's not dad.......:o)

Carole, we think Sugar and Brandy are just adorable! Be sure to give them a big birthday hug from us on the 20th, oh, and we're sending one along for you too! :o) Thank you so much for sharing them both with all of us. We are proud to welcome them to the White Pages!



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