This lovely young lass is Spooky, and she is owned by Victoria and Brian Christi of New York City, New York. They make their home in Midtown Manhattan.

Spooky's approximate birth date is January, 1999. She is their little rescue girl. Brian and Victoria found Spooky on the internet after they decided to get their Buster, (click on Buster to see his page,) a flashy fawn, a sibling to share his days with. They had already decided to rescue rather than buying another boxer. Victoria has had experience as a shower, handler, groomer and vet assistant and even ran a petstore in New York City. With all that under her belt, Victoria knew that they wanted to adopt a "special needs girl".

She is so adorable! We just love her ears, and her markings. :o)

Victoria spotted a post on the Boxer Rescue Message Board about Spooky. (We're so pleased to know that the message board is helping to find homes for boxers!)

She was staying at a rescue for APBT/AST and ended up there as the local shelter assumed she was a pitbull, mainly because she is white. Go figure, but it happens alot with the boxer breed, much to our chagrin.


Apparently, Spooky started off being rescued by the Pasadena Animal Shelter, then was taken to the Citizens for Animals Shelter in Houston, then sent to the Spindletop APBT/AST rescue in Houston. Her caretaker was Leah Purcell who is a sweetheart of a lady says Victoria. She kept Spooky as the Boxer Rescue wouldn't take her. It took a few days before they realized she was deaf (she didn't wake up in the morning with the other dogs, etc.)


When Victoria saw the post, she emailed back and got not response, so a few days later, she played detective on her computer and found a phone number and called.

She spoke with Leah many, many hours over the following couple of weeks. Leah mailed them an application, and Spooky was theirs! They arranged her flight for a week later and she flew from Houston to New York without a hitch. As you can see in this picture, the moment they took her out of her crate, she peed on the floor. Gosh.......I think any girl would after such a long trip.........:o)

As soon as Spooky and her big brother Buster met, they were the best of friends.

Victoria says that Spooky has got to be one of the happiest little dogs she has ever seen. Complete with tail and floppy ears, she ways her tail all day long. :o)

She loves playing with her brother Buster, and "pouncing" on plastic bags and empty water bottles in the street! :o) She also loves to share treats with Buster, even though they give them each one, they have to eat one together first, then both eat the second one together. Awww, what a sweet little girl. :o) What a precious little family!


Friends 'til 'da end!!!!


Victoria says that they kiss each other CONSTANTLY. Even when they are out for a walk, they make alot of people smile in the street. Spooky is like Buster in that she loves everyone and every dog she meets.

Victoria tells us that they consider themselves to be so fortunate that they have two boxers that couldn't have been better matched that Buster and Spooky. :o)

They have never fought with one another, not even growled at each other.


Victoria says she thinks they may be the only multiple dog household where there is no Alpha. :o)

Well, we can see that Spooky and Buster
"really were made for each other!" What a wonderful story.

Spooky is just a little sweetheart, and we thank you so much for sharing her with all of us. We are pleased to welcome Spooky as the newest member of the White Pages! 7/28/99.



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