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This little boy is Spok, and he is owned by Kim
and Tim Dagenais of Erieau, Ontario, Canada. Isn't he adorable?
Kim and Tim got Spok when he was 8 weeks old. He was the only
white in the litter, and the biggest pup.

Spok's ears were cropped, but Kim says one is
stubborn....but that this gives him lots of character! Tim is a
Star Trek fan, so Spok seemed like a great name....we think so
too! Spok's favorite toys are his chew bones and the kid's teddy
bears when he can
get ahold of them. He loves car rides and long
walks on the beach.

Spok is a big guy at three years old and
70 lbs., and Kim says that
he is very healthy. One of the cutest things that Spok does is to
sit on the couch like a human being and then look out the big bay
window behind. What a hoot! I can't say I've ever seen a boxer
on a couch in this manner. I'd say Spok is very
unique, the big silly!

Spok's best friend is the Dagenais' other dog,
Snoopy. He's a pit bull-terrier mix. Well, Kim and Tim, we think
they're both adorable. Thanks for sharing your babies with
us, and Mr. Spok, live long
 and prosper!


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