This lovely young lady is Sophie, and she is owned by Dr. John Carbone and family from Tennessee. She is pictured here with her buddy Kiera.

John tells us that Sophie was abandoned in Chilhowie, Virginia and wound up on a lady's porch. This lady feared that she was rabid and called Animal Control, who in turn, called John.

Sophie was in very poor shape, grossly malnourished, had open wounds and sores all over the her face and hind quarters, she had what appeared to be cigarette burns all over the top of her head. John says that she has responded amazingly to tender loving care after spaying, medicated shampoo, antibiotics, antifungals, and at least one trip to the doggie dermatologist at Virginia Tech.

Originally, John was just going to foster Sophie, but his other boxer Kiera (an only dog for almost 8 years and who rarely gets along with other dogs), loves Sophie! :o) She is constantly licking her and treating her like her very own puppy. John says that since they got along so well, and his three year old daughter wanted to keep Sophie, it didn't take long for them to agree that Sophie was just too sweet to leave them. What a lucky young lady Sophie is to have found such a wonderful, loving home!

Sophie doesn't get into much mischief (in many ways she is better behaved that Kiera who has been to obedience school), except for chasing the occasional rabbit that comes on their property. She stays upstairs with both of John's children until they are fast asleep, then she knows she has *done her duty* and will join John and his wife downstairs to watch TV before going to bed herself. John tells us that Sophie and Kiera are such a sweet pair and are completely a part of their family.

Thank goodness you were there to save precious little Sophie John! Thank you so much for sharing her with all of us.......we are so proud to add her as our newest member of the ever-growing family on the White Pages! :o)



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