This sweet, happy young man is Snowman and he is owned by Herschell and Sissy Lawson of Rogersville, Tennessee. Isn't he a beauty?

Herschell and Sissy also have 3 children, Brandon 17 yrs, Rachel, 12 yrs, and Ryan 6 yrs.

Other critters include two cats, one outside named Stripes, and one inside named Holstien.

Snowman was born on July 14, 2002. Still just a youngin'! ;o) He has beautiful deep blue eyes.

Herschell had previously owned two brindle boxers that had since passed away, and he decided that he would like to have another boxer. Sissy and Herschell decided to go look (just to look) at a litter of pups. When they got there they fell in love. Snowman was one of two whites out of the litter and the only one left. They decided they wanted him and went and got him the next day.



Snowman loves to play with Sissy's sons and daughter and husband. He loves to chase Holstien, come up behind you and knock you legs out from under you. My goodness, he's an ornery little stinker isn't he? His favorite toys are stuffed animals that belong to his sister, (he takes them as she was allow and that is most of them.) Rope, toy, Frisbee, and most of all, any of Sissy's shoes he can get. He will not touch any others but hers.

He goes in her daughter's room and takes all of her stuffed animals. He will grab them and run. And he loves to lick. All Herschell has to say is "licky, licky" and he goes crazy with his tongue.



Oh look at how tiny Snowman is! Here we see him playing with Sissy's oldest son Brandon. Sissy says that Snowman loves to lay and watch TV with the youngest of the kids....and will do so for an hour or more at a time. He also loves to have his belly and chest rubbed.



Hmmm, looks like Holstien would love to have whatever has Snowman so interested. ;o) Sissy says that Snowman hates for doors to be shut, and he will paw at them until they are opened. He also hates for her to point her finger at him and to be told no!



Sissy says that she baby-sits a 19 month old and Snowman is so gentle with him. She says it is like Snowman knows he is a baby and follows him around and sits beside him. She says there have only been a few people that he acts like he doesn't like. He will go no where near them and barks like crazy. But everyone else he loves he goes crazy when they come in the door. Typical boxer, lol! ;o)

When Snowman had his ears done, he would not leave his bandages on. He tore them off all the time. The day they changed the bandages, Sissy left the vet's office and got maybe 2 miles before she had to turn around and go back because he had torn them off. He loves his doctor too. The doctor kept saying, "this too will pass" talking about all the trouble keeping his ears bandaged. And then when they did take the bandages off, one ear wanted to flops so they taped it for another week and now it is fine.


This is Snowman with his big sister Rachel and little brother Ryan. He looks very pleased with his family, don't you think? As well he should be. We can tell that he is loved very much!

Sissy tells us that Snowman loves to take a bath. When she starts her 6 year olds bath, he goes running for the bathroom. He also loves to play in the snow. He will run and throw his legs out and snow will go everywhere. Then he will go again. When he's made to come in, he plays for a few minutes and then he's back to the door wanting back out in the snow again ;o)

When the phone rings, he takes off running as if he's racing Rachel to answer it. When Ryan is watching TV, Snowman stands right over him, making him duck to see the screen. He also likes to nibble on Ryan's ears. ;o) <giggle> Ryan, what is it with little boys ears? Do they taste good? ;o)



And then there's dad. Aren't dads the greatest? We can see from this picture that Snowman loves his dad to pieces. Of course that feeling goes both ways. Herschell, we have to say this picture is so precious! ;o)

Sissy says in the afternoon when Herschell comes home from work Snowman knows that he's home before he ever gets out of his truck. He will run to the door and start pawing at it to get out and he is more excited to see daddy than the kids are! ;o) Sissy says that makes her husbands day! We can imagine it does Herschell, because we experience the very same thing from out boxers. What a beautiful story!

Herschell and Sissy, thank you so much for sharing Snowman and your family with us. We have so enjoyed reading about him. He's a very special boxer indeed! We are proud to welcome him to the Whitepages as it's newest member. 2/3/2003.





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