Awww, who do you think this little beauty could be? Isn't she just the most precious little thing you've ever seen?

This is Shadow, and she is owned by Winky and Bob Taylor of Apple Valley, Minnesota. Have you ever seen such a striking color on a boxer? We think she is a very special young lady, and we intend on watching her grow up on the White Pages! Winky and her husband made a 4800 mile round trip to get Shadow.


When Shadow was born, she had a gray color rather than fawn. The vet told the owners that it was a recessive gene. Here she is with one of her littermates. Aren't they just as precious as they can be? :o)


Winky says that Shadow was born on June 10, 1999. Her birth was made know to the Taylor household by yours truly, Kathy Isler, :o), who received a picture of Shadow from the breeder. Kathy shared the picture with the White Boxer Mailing List.


Aww, how cute. Here Shadow is cuddling up with big brother Milo, AKA, the "designer dog."

Winky says the first time she saw Shadow she knew that this was to be her dog. She emailed the breeder, and after talking to them by phone, the deal was cinched, and Shadow was theirs.


Oh gosh, we just can't get over how adorable Shadow is! What a precious little face. :o)

Bob and Winky drove from Minnesota to Pennsylvania to get Shadow, and Winky says the trip was a great get-away time for them too, but was doubly nice because they got to meet the breeder and see what a wonderful home Shadow was born into.


Ah ha! Peeking around the corner! Hmm, anyone around? Nope, don't see a soul! Contemplating a little mischief Shadow? :o)

Winky says that Shadow was the breeder's (Jessie) favorite and got to sleep in bed with her, not to mention go to work with her one day! :o)


Ewwww....tug-a-war! What fun! :o) Winky tells us that Milo takes great care of Shadow and they play very well together. She loves tug-a-war, and whatever she can get those little sharp teeth into. Her favorites are her bear and to play "sock" which means tug-a-war.

Winky tells us that as Shadow has grown, the totally gray color has turned to a grayish-beige, especially in the sunlight. Her eyes are a beautiful dark blue!

Wow, what a beautiful little pup she is. Hmm, think I need to make a trip to Minnesota to meet this little sweetie!


Aww, here's Shadow with her other big brother, Leroy, with Milo looking on.

Winky says that Shadow is smart as a whip, is crate trained, and learns very quickly. And as Winky says, "What a joy she is!"

Winky says that Milo just loves her. Leroy, well, he tolerates her. LOL! Winky says Leroy just climbs up on the bed where she can't reach him and ignores her most of the time. That won't last though, 'cause it won't be long before Shadow can get up on the bed too. :o)


Awwww, sleepy girl. :o) Even though Shadow is crate trained, she much prefers sleeping with mom at night, which she does! :o)

Oh yes, we must remember to say that she and Heidi the cat play together too. They chase each other all over the room (huge living room) and then Heidi will roll over on her back and Shadow will pounce on her and away they go again. "It's hilarious," says Winky!


Winky says that she is an absolute sweetie, and she and Bob couldn't love her more.

Well, we can see why Winky and Bob! She is an absolute doll, not to mention very unique. :o)

Thank you so much for sharing Shadow with all of us Winky. We're looking forward to watching her grow up on the White Pages, and couldn't be more pleased than to welcome Shadow to the White Pages the newest member! And because we think she is so special, we'll be adding her to the Boxer Brigade as well. She truly is a magic little girl. :o) 10/13/99.




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