This precious pup is Scout and he is owned by Krisit Thomas and her husband, of Cincinnati, Ohio. Thomas' Get-Um Up Scout was named after the TV show the The Lone Ranger. Since he resembles a paint horse, the Thomas' decided to name him after the horse, Scout, on the show. Tonto was always saying "Get-um up Scout!" Thus, you have Thomas 'Get-Um Up Scout. ;o) He was born on July 6, 2003.

We think that Scout looks like a designer dog! He's beautiful! ;o)

Kristi says after many months of searching for the perfect white puppy, and a failed attempt at one dog already, she ran across an ad on the online bulletin board. She saw the pictures and there was no denying that she had found their baby. She drove all the way to the coast in North Carolina alone with a 1 year old baby, to get him.

He has proven to be a great pet, and a perfect addition to their family. They also have a 4 year old brindle named Kenya Starr. They adore each other.




Scout is a character. He loves to cuddle like a great big baby and of course tear things up. The kid's toys and shoes naturally being his favorite.

He is always up for play time. Kenya isn't always up for playing. If she tries to ignore Scout, he bites the back of her ankles until she gives in and fights back. They love to chase each other a lot around the yard and eventually Kenya gets tired and tries to give up. But not Scout!! He just won't let Kenya rest. If by some strain of luck, she CAN get away from him, look out cat! KitKat (their Kitty) is sometimes the victim of Scout's antics. But KitKat can hold his own just fine. He will fight back like a champ. When Scout was tiny, KitKat would take advantage of him, but quickly learned that Scout was getting bigger.

Kristi says now Scout just tromps around with those huge feet and clobbers anything in his way. He is almost 7 months old and already stands taller than Kenya.




Kristi says that she doesn't know about any of us, but she has had several different breeds of dog and have never known another to be as gentle and tolerant with children than boxers. She says she swears that sometimes they are part human because, even Scout at his age, knows the difference between playing with them and playing with the baby. He calms down enough for her to tug on him and climb on him. If that gets to be too much though, he simply runs away from her.

Kristi says she is a true believer and she knows that for as long as she lives, she'll always have a boxer in her home.

Kristi, thanks so much for sharing Scout with all of us. He is indeed a 'Designer' dog, and we can only imagine the joy he brings to your home. We are proud to welcome Scout to the White Pages as the newest member. 2/3/2004







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