These precious little sweeties are Sara and Tucker and they are owned by Sue and Chris Keller, and their children Jamie and Makayla of Grove, Nebraska. Aren't they just the most adorable little things? :o)

Sara and Tucker share their household with a black cat named Spy and two other boxers. They are named Boxer and Lucy. Both are 1 1/2 years old, and Sara and Tucker are 10 weeks old.


Here are Sue and Chris' children Jamie and Makayla, pictured with the Keller's other two boxers, Lucy and Boxer. They're beautiful boxers too, don't you think? :o) We can only imagine what a busy household they have with four boxers and one kitty! But we're quite sure that Jamie and Makayla keep all five babies quite busy playing each and every day. What fun that must be for everyone! Hmmm, we're wondering if mom and dad are worn out yet!


Chris says that they are just the cutest things he's ever seen. We agree! They are precious....:o) Chris also tells us that they are full of energy and they give their other boxers Lucy and Boxer a real good run for their money!

Sara and Tucker came to the Keller household at Christmas and Jamie and Makayla are just thrilled with their new family members. We can only imagine what a super bundle of joy Sara and Tucker really are for the Keller family.


Sue tells us that they found Sara and Tucker in Lincoln, Nebraska. Tucker belongs to Jamie and Sara belongs to Makayla....:o).

She says that Sara and Tucker don't have a favorite toy yet. Tucker is shy and quiet, while Sara seems to be much more outgoing. That sounds like a perfect pair to us! :o) Sara likes to play with Lucy and Boxer and can really get aggressive so Boxer always lets her know when he's had enough! Tucker is still learning. :o) The Keller's are still in the process of housebreaking and Sue says that it seems to be going well. The pups love the snow, but don't like to be out without their big brother and sister. To date, they both know what sit and no means, and are learning very fast.

Chris, Sue, Makayla and Jamie, we think that Sara and Tucker are just precious! Thank you so much for sharing your little porcelains with all of us.......we are so pleased to welcome them to the White Pages!



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