This lovely white angel is sabrina and she is owned by Karen and Rich Petersen, and their children Donovan, Tammy and Jimmy. Or as Karen says, "We are the humans that sabrina owns". They live in Morris, Illinois, about an hour from Chicago. Isn't she a beauty?

sabrina is 2 years old and full of energy. she loves to play with everyone, especially the boys. Karen tells us that she's a hugger and hugs anyone. :o). Another favorite activity is running around with a tree branch bigger than she is. Hmmm, definitely a boxer thing! :o)



The Petersen's got sabrina from a friend when she was 4 months old. she has been amazing them all ever since. she is very easy to train and is so loveable. she is willing to try anything. she still thinks she's a puppy....oh, we know that's a boxer thing! We haven't met a boxer yet that thinks he's an adult....:o).

Her favorite toys are her bone and her ball. And no one is allowed to move them or take them away. Those are hers! :o) It's fun to try though isn't it?



Karen says that sabrina is definitely their "Guardian Angel". They were in a severe car accident and the first thing sabrina did was to check and make sure everyone was okay before she got out. Luckily, no one was hurt. As Karen says, "Bless my White Angel!" We wholeheartedly agree Karen!

Rich and Karen, thank you so much for sharing Sabrina with us. she's so beautiful, and we think she's an angel too. We are so pleased to welcome her to the White Pages. :o)



"Angel In The Morning"


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