This sweet, precious little face belongs to Roxie. She is owned by Moises Velez of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Isn't she adorable?

Roxie was born on the 20th of December, 1997. She is now 15 months old and weighs 55 pounds.

Moises tells us that she is in perfect health, with no problems at all. :o) That's always good news isn't it? We can tell that Moises worries and fusses over his little Roxie just like the rest of us.........! A true boxer aficionado to say the least........:o)


Moises tells us that Roxie has always been full of energy and bounce. She was the only white pup in her litter. Her mom and dad are both AKC fawns.

Roxie's favorite thing to do is chase the cat, and then they switch and the cat chases her for awhile! LOL! What fun that must be to watch....a game of tag indeed!

Moises goes on to tell us that Roxie is housebroken and very protective. Oh, but aren't they all? What would we do without them? :o)


Here Roxie is at 15 months. Moises says she is wearing his his Met's shirt from when he was a little boy. "It fit her kind of tight, but she still looked cute" says Moises. He says that it was just tight enough that Roxie looked like a little walking robot. :o) She kept moving her butt from side to side like she was a beauty queen! Well, maybe that's because she really is a beauty queen Moises! :o)

Moises says that Roxie especially loves to go to the park and just run and run, non stop. She sounds and looks just like a race horse. :o)


Here, Roxie is pictured with Moises. They had just come from the park where she runs two miles every weekend. Moises says that may sound like alot, but Roxie loves it.

Roxie loves to chew, but doesn't like anything without some flavor in it. He bought her some bones with meat on them at the pet store, and he says that was her whole day right there......just chewing her little heart away. :o)

Moises tells us that he got Roxie from a police officer who had neither the time or the room to take care of her. She was about 1 1/2 years old then.

Roxie is very spoiled.....she eats once a day, and will only drink cold spring water. She also sleeps with Moises and under the covers too.

Well Moises, we think that Roxie is just beautiful, and we're so grateful that she found you. What a warm and loving home she has now! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful Roxie with all of us. We are so proud to welcome her as the newest member of the White Pages. 4/8/99.



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