Ahh, now here's a picture for you! This is Roscoe, and he is owned by Ron and Jenni Beaver of Dubuque, Iowa. Looks like Roscoe is ready to go out on the town. :o)

Roscoe is 2 1/2 years old, and his birthday is May of 1997. He is completely deaf. None the less, "full of energy" says Jenni. :o) And as so many of us know, deafness makes no difference, they are just as happy and playful as our hearing boxers. :o)



Roscoe has a sister and brother, both Rottweilers. Their names are Sabrina, age three, and Taz, age five years. Roscoe also has 5 cats that he loves to chase and cuddle with.

When Roscoe was born, his first mommy and breeder thought he looked just like a baby pig and she spoiled him rotten. Roscoe would do everything his brothers and sisters would do from day to day until one day when he was bout four weeks old. His first mommy dropped a pan right behind him and he didn't even flinch. A little later they took Roscoe to the vet for tests, and sure enough, he was deaf.



Roscoe's breeder wondered why he always ran into his bed when the air conditioner would come on and the vet said that he was very sensitive and could feel the sound waves instead of hearing them. Hmmm, hadn't thought of that, but it sure makes a lot of sense. :o)



Oh look! Roscoe is celebrating Halloween, which just happens to be today! :o)

Jenni says that when they first brought Roscoe home, he wasn't too sure of his new parents. He cried and cried all night long unless Jenni and Ron put him in bed with them. Awwww. :o) But as the days went on, he learned to love and trust them very much! What a wonderful home Roscoe has!



Gosh, the days sure went by fast, it's Christmas! :o)

Roscoe went to puppy preschool and slept right through it all! He even received a diploma. They learned to communicate through sign language and lots of treats.

Jenni keeps Roscoe entertained all of the time as they go to fund raisers for their local humane society (strut your mutt walk, dog-o-ween costume party, pictures with Santa etc.), and when they're not doing that, Roscoe loves car rides, walks and even a little Frisbee now and then. :o) Roscoe has lots of neat toys because his mommy works at a pet shop! His favorite is a roll-a-treat ball.



Roscoe, Sabrina and Taz all have allergies,so Jenni makes them the best homemade treats in town! All of the neighbor dogs are jealous of the goodies that Jenni makes for her babies. :o)

Roscoe's favorite foods are tuna fish, peanut butter, and treats. He hates baths. :o) He loves to wrestle with his daddy when he gets home from work. If Ron doesn't wrestle with Roscoe right away, Roscoe will bark at him until he does.

Jenni says they kind of rescued Roscoe. His breeder came in the pet store where Jenni works for dog food and said they were running out of time to find him a home. Jenni says all she was going to do is go look at him, and we know the rest. She fell in love with him!!


Jenni and Ron, thanks so much for sharing Roscoe with us. He is a beauty, and we can see that he couldn't find a better home. We are proud to welcome Roscoe to the White Pages as it's newest member. 10/31/99.



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