Well now, would you have a look at this little cutie! This is Ringo, and he is owned by Karen and Kirk Marsella of New Albany, Indiana.

They tell us that they have been the proud parents of their little angel, literally, since they knew of his existence. Kirk's brother bred his female Roxy, and Ringo was her first white puppy. Kirk says that his brother even considered destroying Ringo, but thank goodness, knowing of Karen's desire to have a boxer, called them first thing.

Awww, looks like Ringo is sacked out for a well deserved snooze....:o). What a cutie!

Karen and Kirk tell us that they picked up Ringo at 5 weeks of age to bring him home (box, blanket, toys, etc.)....but no need for that, Ringo curled up in Karen's arms for the ride home. They stopped once, and even at five weeks, Ringo was intelligent enough to know he was out of the car and it was time to pee! :o)

Ringo was born on June 21, 1995 at just a few minutes after midnight, making him a summer equinox baby. He is now 3 1/2 years old and the picture of perfect health.

Karen and Kirk tell us that Ringo is definitely an outdoorsman! He loves to hike any trail and has to be out in front, always the leader! He also enjoys boating in their pontoon boat, "Ringo's Raft" (although he doesn't care to swim) and camping in "Ringo's Roadhouse".

Ringo did discover this past summer that there are fish in the lake! He chases them and sticks his head under the water to try and catch them. :o) He did catch a small bass one time, and the Marsella's think this is when his passion for fishing first began. Boy, would we love to see that! It's funny that he doesn't like to swim, but loves to fish, lol! He also loves to chase anything that moves like squirrels, rabbits, birds, etc.

Ringo currently weighs 75 pounds, but is still a lap dog and quite the bed hog! He is quite gentle with small children and will take any abuse they dish out all the while doing the "wiggle". He is also very gentle with older folks, and seems to know that he can't jump up on them no matter how badly he wants to. As with most boxers, Ringo loves to give and receive kisses, big, wet, sloppy ones!

When at Karen and Kirk's shop, a specialty store selling imported clothing etc., he is the official greeter and has earned the well deserved reputation of being the best dog in "The Highlands". He has friends who stop by daily just to say hi to him and get a kiss before they are on their way.

Karen and Kirk say that they are thankful that Ringo came into their lives. He has been a joy and takes them on many adventures.....snow, rain, sleet or hail!

Karen and Kirk, we're all very impressed with Ringo. He is so beautiful, and quite the character! Thank you so much for sharing him with us, we are so proud to welcome him to the White Pages!



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