This big guy is Ringo,owned by Kim and John Benny of
Arbutus, Md. Here's Ringo with his 
friend Whitney. Looks like he's protecting little Whitney from 
all the bad guys! Kim tells us that Ringo was born on 4/22/96
and weighs over 85 lbs. We've met Ringo, and can say for
certain that he is a *big* guy! He was picked out of a litter
(4 pups were white) at one week old. Even at this age, Ringo had a 
personality plus! Ringo shares his household with April, a female
flashy brindle boxer, and OoBoo, a female mixed/boxer 'wanna-be'.

Ringo is extremely lovable around people, and wants to 
get as close as possible. He loves getting on your lap even 
though he's as big as a pony, extending a paw as if 
to say please pet me, and kissing you
with those little 'nips' that you have to watch out for.

His favorite things are playing tug of war, swimming 
and running on the beach (he's very graceful 
and a good swimmer), playing with April and OoBoo all day long, 
and sleeping after a hard day of playing. Kim says he snores and 
snorts all
night long!

He has several nicknames....the Baby, Bubba, and Little Boy. 
Thanks so much for sharing Ringo with us, Kim and John!

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