This gorgeous young lady is Rieke, and she is owned by Viviane and Dirk Baltuttis of Berlin Germany. Isn't she a beauty, and what a wonderful picture this is! It's as if she striking her very best pose for the camera. :o) Of course we can see that Viviane and Dirk take marvelous pictures too......:o)

Reike was born June 23, 1997. When Viviane and Dirk saw her for the first time she was only 5 weeks old and very pink, like a little pig......:o) They visited her every week until they could take her home at 8 weeks old.


Awwww, here Rieke is, just a little thing with her new mom Viviane. Isn't she adorable?

Viviane and Dirk tell us that as long as they were home, little Reike never touched anything in their apartment. But, in their words, "When we were absent and come back, it looked like hell!" LOL! They say "Thank God she is grown up already." :o) Sounds like a typical boxer pup....I think many of us have experienced the same. Of course they all grow out of it eventually, well, most of the time anyhow. :o)


Oh my goodness, is this a lap dog or what? :o) Rieke looks quite comfortable in Dirk's lap doesn't she? This is something else so endearing about boxers I think, they all think they're lap dogs!

Rieke shares her household with two guinea pigs Mokel and Hamster, and an aquarium. Bet she loves to watch the fish and the guinea pigs. :o) That must be very special for Rieke, but we bet she loves Dirk's lap just about the best of anything.....:o) She sure looks heaven is more like it! :o)


Rieke loves tug-of-war and pulling games, swimming, snow, and her toys. The toy she loves the most is a squeaky toy that looks like the former German Bundeskanzler, Helmut Kohl. Viviane says that Helmut will soon loose his head! LOL! She loves to play with other dogs, especially her boxer friend Nakja.

Viviane, Dirk and Rieke have also joined the Boxer Club and train for the Schutzhundprufung.


This is another gorgeous picture. What a lovely setting.

Although Viviane, Dirk, and Rieke live in Berlin (the greenest city of Germany,) they drive every day by car to the countryside, Brandenburg, a distance of 10km to let Rieke have big fun in the field and forest. Many of the people from Berlin do the same and they get to meet lots of nice folks and wonderful dogs. Viviane tells us that they will be going to Austria for vacation, and will do lots of walking through the mountains and a little climbing.

Viviane and Dirk, we all think that Rieke is just beautiful, and we're so pleased to welcome her to the White Pages! Thank you for sharing her!



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