Awww, what a sweet little face! This is Powder, and he is 
owned by Sandy and John Fetherolf of Newton Falls, Ohio. In the 
photos above, he is only 6 weeks old. Powder also has a boxer 
companion, 6 year old Chopper.

Powder is somehat mischievous. He kind of gets a look 
on his face like "what can I get into now" or 
"who can I torment now!" It is usually Chopper!
Powder also loves to romp outside, as long as its not 
raining. Sandy says he hates the rain! She says that he also 
doesn't like music. When they were bringing him
home ( a three hour drive,) the car radio would make him cry. He
would stop if they turned it off. He still gets upset if there is
music on in the house. Well obviously this little guy has his own
taste in music! :-) Thanks for sharing
Powder with all of us John and Sandy.

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