This fine young lad holding the balloon is Petie, and he is owned by Lauri Avery/Lawrence of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. He shares his home with his mom Hiedi, a brindle boxer.

Petie is deaf and Lauri tells us that he accomplished all of his learning from his mom Hiedi, and dad Max, who is no longer with them.

Lauri says that Petie knows American Sign Language, and surprisingly to Lauri, he was quite easy to teach.

Petie is extremely loving and has so much personality. He's a lap dog, couch dog, kitchen table dog and hammock dog, lol!

His favorite toys are dust pans and turkey basters.....:o) His most favorite is the feather duster which they call a squirrel. Lauri says that although Petie is four years old now, he will always be their puppy. They like to call him their "Super Flashy, Special Needs Baby"!

Well Lauri, we can see why Petie is so special, and we thank you so much for sharing him and his mom Hiedi with all of us. We are very proud to welcome him to the White Pages as the newest member! 4/6/99.



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