Well now, would you look at this sweet young man? This is Petey and he is owned by his mom, Kelli Kupsch, as well as his grandparents, Don and Nancy Kupsch of Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Kelli moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, so Petey is living with his grandparents in Two Rivers. Isn't he cute? What a boxer pose!



Petey was adopted from the Green Bay area Humane Society. His was born approximately in December of 1993. He was nine months old when Kelli got him so they unfortunately missed all the really fun puppy stuff, but as Kelli says, boxers never really out grow their puppy phase! Boy, is that ever true. We have an 11 year old with us that still acts like a pup. :o) We think that is one of the most wonderful things about our beloved boxers.



Awww........here is Petey pictured with his grandma and grandpa Don and Nancy. Now, is that right at home or what?

When they got Petey, he weighed 45 pounds. His vet said that he was probably mistreated and definitely underfed.

Petey ate everything he could get his paws on. As you can see Petey no longer has that problem. At 80 pounds, he is a big healthy boy.

Kelli tells us that Petey loves to take walks with his grandma Nancy and grandpa Don. He loves car rides, visiting his mom in Minneapolis, giving wet kisses, sitting on your lap, sleeping under the covers, and most of all...............licking cream cheese from wrappers. Which by the way, might explain how he got to be 80 pounds. :o)



This is a beautiful picture of Petey with Jean Nelson, his good friend and doggiesitter. :o)

Kelli tells us that Pete dislikes peas and beans and can pick them out of just about anything. LOL!

His favorite toy is his baby puppy. Kelli says he ripped the battery out, so he no longer whines or wags his tail.

When Petey was young he had the worst habit of jumping through window screens to get out of the house if he was left alone. Once, he even got out and tracked Kelli to a local bar where someone let him in, and Petey proceeded to find her.



Kelli says that Petey is the greatest dog they have ever had the pleasure of being owned by. They love him very much and hope he will continue to let them be a part of his life.

Well Kelli, Don and Nancy, I don't think you have to worry about Petey going anywhere else. It's obvious that he is quite happy with his family......:o)

We think he is pretty special too, and we are so pleased to welcome Petey to the White Pages as the newest member. 7/26/99.




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