December 7, 1991 - December 20, 1997


This is a picture of a precious little darling named Pete. Although Pete has sadly gone on to Rainbow Bridge, we felt he deserved a very special place on The White Pages. He was owned by Sue and Ron Musto of Lima, Ohio.

Pete was only here for 6 short years, but in that time, he brought so much joy and happiness into the lives of Ron and Sue, and we wanted to tell his story.

Sue tells us that they also owned a 7 year old fawn female named Dee Dee when they got Pete. He was only 7 weeks old then, and so very quiet. Dee Dee didn't accept him right away, but finally did when she realized that he wasn't going away. :o)

Isn't he just beautiful? We are especially fond of this picture......Pete looked so regal as he posed for his mommy's camera.

When Pete was very young, the vet discovered that he had a very bad heart murmur. Sue took him to the Ohio State Vet Clinic in Columbus, Ohio. They told Sue and Ron that Pete had one of the most damaged hearts they had ever encountered with his particular stenosis problem. Fortunately, one of the resident cardiologists was having a research program, and the cost of Pete's surgery was reduced to $300.00. Pete's doctor, Dr. Linda Lempkuhl was wonderful and really liked Pete's personality. Demanding is what she called him! :o)

Pete was 5 months old after his surgery. He was put on several medications for the rest of his life. And he had to be taken to OSU twice a year for check ups and monitoring. Pete's medications limited most of Sue and Ron's social life and everything planned around Pete's meds. They didn't mind though....:o)

Sue tells us that Pete never had a bad day, never fainted like others in the research study, and he lived longer than any other dog in the study. Dr. Lempkuhl always shook her head when she saw him....he was such a character!

When Pete was around 4 years old, and Dee Dee 11 years old, Sue and Ron bought Heidi and Buster in November of 1995. Both adorable little brindles. :o) Sue tells us that Pete *LOVED* those pups! They were his pups, and he loved to be "the boss". He was very big, and the pups looked up to him as their big brother...:o). Dee Dee on the other hand, wasn't quite as happy with the new additions to the Musto family.

Then, one Saturday in December of 1997, Sue and Ron took the dogs to the local reservoir to run a bit. Pete loved it! When they returned, Pete begged at the breakfast table as he always did. Sue left the house to deliver a Christmas gift and when she returned, Pete was laying in the middle of the hallway. Sue says that he felt cold, and his heart was beating wildly. "It was then that I knew this would be the day", says Sue. She knew this day would come, but she says you're never ready for it. It took only 2 hours for Pete to leave Ron and Sue for Rainbow Bridge.

He was loved so much, and was so very special........"one of the most special I've ever had", says Sue.

We are so sad that he is gone Ron and Sue, but we know that you wouldn't trade all the love and sunshine he brought into your lives for anything. Pete was such a precious, indomitable spirit. He will always have a very special place in your hearts, and we know too, that he's waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge. Thank you so much for sharing Pete with all of us.....just reading his story has made a special place in our hearts for him too....:o)


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