We have finally found Pearly's owner! She belongs to Trish and Jim Dougherty, of Orwell, Vermont. Pearly really caught our attention because she has that same strip of brindle across the top of her head that our Cooper has. Although only one ear is brindle, the marking on her head is almost identical to Cooper's. :o) I've not seen any other white boxers marked in this fashion. It's a real attention getter! As Trish says, it's like Pearly has a bow on her head.........:o)


Trish tells us that Pearly was adopted through Michele McArdle. She was given up at seven months because she was terrorizing the first owner's cat........poor kitty was living under the furniture and pulling it's hair out. She says the owner was very upset about giving up Pearly, and she still sends her birthday cards. :o)

Pearl has alot of personality and she loves to be near people. She always lays on the little rug in front of the sink while Trish and her family are in the kitchen. That sort of puts her in everyone's way, but Pearly doesn't mind. Trish always tells people that if they left a cocktail napkin on the ground, Pearl would curl up and lie on it. :o)


Here's Pearly and her little brother Jotham. Aren't they beautiful? :o)

Pearl is a proud graduate of the Addison County Humane Society Obedience School. She enjoys playing tether ball and can even unwind the ball if it gets twisted around the pole. Pearl is very brave and very loyal. Trish and Jim were playing with a remote controlled firetruck over Christmas and Pearly stood between the truck and the Daughter's son Owen when she thought it was getting too close to him. She also takes very good care of her boy Jotham. She keeps his ears spotless and washes the tear stains from under his eyes. Trish says that she'd do the same for the baby, but he's already learned how to push her away.


Wow, is this comfort or what? Trish says that Pearly likes to lay with her chin up. How cute! This particular boxer snooze position is so endearing.

Pearl is an excellent guard dog. You can whisper "Who's there?" and she takes off flying to every window and door to see who might be there. Trish says they have a bay window with a wide sill around it and she loves to stand there with all the hairs on her back standing up, barking at everything and nothing. Pearl has one of the loudest barks in the world says Trish...."she can make all of their glasses ring when she barks! "


Here's Pearly with the Dougherty's little son Owen. We can tell that she takes very good care of him....:o)

Unfortunately, Pearl doesn't play too well with other dogs, except Jotham of course. Whenever they're visiting family in New Jersey, Jim takes the dogs to a local school with a big field where lots of dogs meet to play. Pearl's idea of playing is to steal all of the tennis balls from the other dogs and prance around with them. Jim says the only dog she has really respected there was a pit bull cross. Pearl used to be better with other dogs but since the Dougherty's have moved to a pretty isolated home in the country the only dog she plays with now is Jotham (Mr. Submissive).

Trish says that her mom isn't a real dog person but she considers Pearl a daughter. She knows that Jotham is easier and more reliable, but Pearl is the one with the enthusiasm, the one who's involved with what you're doing, the one who wants to help even if it means putting her 65 pounds between the baby and a firetruck, or just lying on top of Trish's feet while she does the dishes.

Trish and Jim, thanks so much for letting us know you are Pearly's owners, and for sharing her pictures and story. We're very glad she is apart of the White Pages!



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