Well now, would you have a look at this fine, lovely young lass?!! What a beautiful face. We can tell already that she is very special.

This is Pearl and she is owned by Sharon and Glenn Oglesbee, son Gregg and daughter Jill, from Urbana, Ohio.


Pearl's birthday is June 13, 1997, so she's 3 years old, just a young'n yet! :o)



Sharon says that she has wanted a white boxer all her life. When she was a little girl, her parents had a friend who had a white boxer and she really enjoyed being around her. But over the years and numerous dogs, none of them have ever been a white boxer


Sharon says that she has a friend at work who's sister had a white female boxer and a male puppy she wanted to get rid of. The lady had three children, Pearl and 8 puppies. She was just giving the mother and the male away with their registered papers.

Sharon says that her friend knew how she loved boxers, and told her about Pearl. they went to see Pearl and fell in love instantly.



It took Pearl a little time to warm up to Glenn and Sharon. They were just going to look at her, but in their hearts they knew they wanted her regardless. She got in the truck and headed to her new home.

Sharon and Glenn learned that she had spent most of her time in a cage, unless she needed to go outside to take care of business. She adjusted to her new home very guickly. Sharon would let her sit with her in her chair, lie with her on the sofa, and they encouraged her to lie at the end of the bed at bedtime.



In her new home Pearl has an acre of ground that she can explore, full run of the house and her freedom!!

Pearl is very attached to Sharon, and never too far from her. Sharon says as she was typing the info for Pearl's page, she was on the bed by Sharon watching her.....which she enjoys because she loves the waterbed.

Every night when Sharon goes to bed, Pearl comes to bed with her. But when her dad comes to bed, she knows it is time to leave. So she heads for her own bed. Dad has a special place in his heart for Pearl too. Every morning when he is making his coffee, he has a cookie to share with Pearl. Hmmm....sounds like precious Pearl has a real cushy life. Wonder if Sharon would let me come live with her?!! <grin>

Pearl also has some alias names; Precious Pearl, Pear Girl, Pearly and Baby Girl. Awwwwww ;o)

Pearl has a basket full of toys and she plays with all of them, but Sharon thinks her favorite is her rope. And favorite food, pigs ears, of coarse!!

This summer, Pearl's daughter Babe made a visit. And "The Boys" were also there. #1 granddogs Brutus, age 9 and Oscar De, age 2, both male fawn boxers. The Boys belong to Sharon's daughter, Jill.

Brutus holds a special place in Grandma's heart, says Sharon. She dog sits for him as much as they will let her. He is so precious, well behaved, and very laid back.


He is so special that he was dressed in a tuxedo that Grandma made and was the ring bearer in her daughter's wedding two years ago. Awww...what a sweet picture. And yes, he was able to stand at the altar, then exit with the flower girl down the aisle. (Oh boy, wish we could have been there!) He was the talk of the wedding, besides the bridge and groom of course. No one could believe how well he behaved. And actually, he behaved much better than some ring bearers Sharon has seen at other weddings, lol!

Then there is Oscar De age, 2; he is something else and totally opposite of Brutus. They get along very well. These guys are as special to Sharon's daughter as Pearl is to Sharon. Oscar is a great swimmer. He jumps into their pool with or without the cover on; winter or summer. He is the WILD child! (Sometimes they say he is the redheaded step-child.) Brutus and Pearl don't like the water at all. They have a special boggy board for Oscar to set on in the pool and he gets all the attention when he is in the pool.

When Babe was here this summer, which made 4 boxers there; 2 females and 2 males. Being Pearl's home, she was very territorial of her home and "The Boys." Babe and Pearl had a little fight over Oscar. Pearl winning of course. Oscar like both of the girls, but Pearl was very jealous. Brutus could have cared less and just laid back and watched the kids play. Pearl and Oscar normally play very well together, but with Babe here the dogs all became very frisky.

Pearl is very loveable, and gives me many slurpy kisses, which Sharon loves so much. She is always kissing Pearl too. Sharon says that Pearl is just so special. She can't wait to get home from work to see her girl.

They really enjoy their time together. Sharon can't imagine what she what she has done without her all this time.. She only wishes she could have had her as a 0pap, and had those precious little puppy photos to show off. But she has made up for lost time, and given her something she needed so badly. LOVE!!!! She is one of those girls, that her bark is worse than her bite. She doesn't like any men to come near her Mom. Sharon doesn't know what her past history is, but she does know she has a Mom and Dad who lover her very much. And every Sunday her stepbrothers come over and they romp and play, not only in the house, but also outside. And they all know that there is a special drawer filled with treats. And the first one to set gets the first treat. It's a site to see!

Sharon says that all boxers are such loveable, special creatures. She doesn't know why everyone in the world doesn't have a boxer.

Sharon says "as you can see, I am the doting Mother of my special Pearl." She hopes that everyone will enjoy the pictures of her Pearl and "The Boys."

Well Sharon and Glen, we can see just how special your precious Pearl is. And how beautiful she is! We know that everyone will enjoy her as much as we do. We are so happy to welcome her to the White Pages as the newest member. September 19, 2000.




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