This very sleepy young man is Oxford. He is owned by Sylvia and William Zajic and Sasha is Oxford's sister. They live in Denver, Colorado. Sylvia tells us that their baby's name is Oxford Zajic (sometimes referred to as Big Ox ;o)


Ox is adopted and is approximately 5 years old. The Zajics adopted Ox from Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue in Colorado. They adopted Oxford from Boxer Rescue in Colorado in October of 1998.

Awwww, isn't this cute. Ox and his sister Sasha are all sacked out on the couch for a nice, long nap. Look familiar anyone? ;o)

Oxford's favorite thing is food. He will raid the trashcan if you let him. His two favorite activities are eating and giving kisses. He likes to drink from his water bowl and give extra sloppy kisses afterward! He also enjoys cuddling with the Zajics on the couch and taking naps with Sasha everyday.

Sylvia says they had a great Christmas the year they adopted Ox. Sasha and Ox visited Santa that year and helped them decorate the Christmas tree. The dogs enjoyed their new toys on Christmas day. Oh we can imagine that....seems like ours just live to get into their presents once we have them wrapped. ;o)


OOh, isn't this just a precious picture?!! How sweet. And I imagine a lot of us will be doing the same thing in the not too distant future with Christmas on the horizon. What a wonderful picture Sylvia and William!

Sylvia says that Oxford is a little shy around groups of dogs. He prefers being at home with Sasha but his social skills are gradually improving. They think he actually prefers people to other dogs. He's a great host at the Sylvia and William's cookouts and parties.


Here's another great Christmas picture! We know they must be very spoiled by now. Aren't all boxers? ;o)

Playtime consists of Shsha nibbling on Oxford's neck and ears. He just puts up with her constant love bites. It's the typical older brother and little sister relationship. He lets Sasha have her way. He only occasionally plays with his toys.

Oxford loves to go for a ride and hang his head out of the car window. He picks up lots of girls this way. Everyone waves hello. <giggle>

Oxford is great on walks. His tricks include shaking and sitting on his hind legs. He will roll around on his back in glee when we brush him or he feels especially happy. Oxford is also very agile for a big dog. He can jump high in the air to catch a ball. One of his more unusual talents is catching fish. He pounces on our catch as we bring it in, lol!! How funny!

Oxford is a gentle soul but also our protector. The Zajics feel very lucky to have Oxford in their lives.

And we can see why Sylvia and William. Oxford is indeed a very special young man. We thank you for sharing Oxford and his sister Sasha with us, and we are very proud to welcome Oxford to the White Pages as the newest member! September, 20, 2000




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