This precious little girl is Onyx, and she is owned by Jason Wright from Nanaimo, B.C. Canada. Isn't she adorable? And so is her little buddy.

Jason says that he had been looking long and hard for information on his beautiful white boxer and was very happy to find our site, The White Pages. "It's been perfect to learn more about Onyx and others like her," says Jason. He says that many people asked him about Onyx being white and if she was an albino, and up until he found the White Pages he didn't know what to say. He thought that it was rare and had a little information on them but he was unaware of just how many more there are like Onyx, and the many hardships and cruelty that many of these dogs go through.


What a beautiful boxer Onyx is, and it looks as if she has many friends as well!

Jason says that in April of 2003 he was living in Texas with his year and a half old American Pitbull Terrier when an unknown person took it upon themselves to kill his precious dog because of her breed. Maui was an unbelievable dog despite what people think of the breed and she never barked or growled at another dog or person. She was great with people, especially children and spent everyday at work with Jason. When she was killed, Jason was devastated and never thought he could replace her.

Shortly after the incident, Jason went to the Humane Society of Texas not knowing if he could get another dog that soon, but then he saw Onyx there. She had been abandoned at 4 months old and weighed just 16 pounds. Jason adopted her that day and named her Onyx.


Jason says that Onyx was timid of people at first and slept almost all the time. This he says, quickly changed within 2 and a half weeks. She had put on 12 pounds and was playing with toys and people like crazy.

Jason also says that someone warned him about the deafness issue in white boxers and he quickly found out that Onyx was deaf, but it really doesn't seem to matter with her. When they go camping and to the beach on the Island that they live on back home in Canada, he can let her off her leash and she seems to know her boundaries and never trails too farm from him.

Jason, thanks so much for sharing Onyx with all of us. Just as her little costume depicts, she is a beautiful little angel. We know that many people will enjoy her pictures and story. We are proud to welcome Onyx to the White Pages as the newest member. 12/4/2003.





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