This wide-eyed beauty is Oliver and he is owned by Gina Larson of Marinette, Wisconsin.

Gina tells us that Ollie was abandoned at the vet clinic where she was working when he was only 5 days old. The woman who brought Ollie in rescued him from a neighbor who was going to put him down. Gina doesn't think this woman really was aware of the responsibility and commitment it took to raise such a tiny pup. So Gina took Ollie and hand raised him from the tiny little fella that he was. God bless you Gina! Ollie is also deaf.


Ollie is now 6 months old and a handful says Gina. His deafness has created challenges as far as training but Gina says he is smart and a fast learner, knowing the basic hand signals such as sit, come, down, no, good boy, love you, shake, and roll over. Wow.....that's great Gina!

Though Ollie has a mind of his own he is the biggest lap dog that ever was and he loves people! Though he weighs about 50 pounds, the dominant dog in Gina's household is still their little 20 pound cock-a-poo (also a rescue from the vet clinic.) They love to play tug-of-war and have wrestling matches together. Ollie still has his tail and Gina says that she understands why boxers have their tails docked.....:o) She says that his happy tail could inadvertently bruise legs! That's okay with Gina, she says they love him no matter how many bruises.


Oh look, here is Oliver as a puppy..............from the ages of one week to nine weeks. Isn't he a little cutie? :o)

It sounds like Ollie is one lucky boy to have found Gina and her family! We think he's adorable, thanks so much for sharing him with us Gina. We are so pleased to welcome Ollie to the White Pages! 1/29/99.




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