This precious little angel is Nola and she belongs to Linda and Robert Britch of Sheldon, Vermont. What a doll she is! ;o)

Linda says that Nola came to them when she was 6 weeks old. She was their son's dog. He purchased her form a friend who owned Nola's mother, Simba. Nola came from a litter of 7, and she was the first born and the largest as well.

About 2 months after Nola arrived in their household, their son Bobby decided it was time to head out on his own, but, he was unable to have Nola in the apartment he was renting. Nola would either have to be sold or given away.


Linda says that by then, Nola had become very dear to her, so other than letting that happen, she hesitantly agreed to keep Nola until her son could get a place that allowed pets. That day did come a couple of months later, but it was only for 2 weeks. They missed Nola terribly, always wondering if she was being fed and taken care of properly. so, back Nola came to Linda and her husband. She has officially become their "little girl." She adopted them as her "mama" and "papa", and they, their little baby. ;o) Oh, we can tell that Nola has a happy, happy home with Linda and Robert. Do you suppose she's spoiled? No doubt, spoiled rotten! <grin> Isn't it great? ;o)

Oh, isn't this just a precious picture. Nola is all snuggled up in bed for a nap. Sure looks inviting, doesn't it?

Linda says that Nola is definitely a creature of habit. There are certain things she does at certain times of day. Breakfast and supper with "papa" are a must. "Mama", being the one that cooks the the first one Nola goes to. If perhaps Linda is sleeping a little later on Sunday morning, she will attempt to wake Linda with kisses and slurps, and if that doesn't work, she'll sit her butt on Linda's head! that ought to wake anyone up! What a hoot! Linda says "that works, believe me!"

Nola also gives the famous boxer how of displeasure if Linda doesn't start supper by 5:00 PM. Heaven forbid that "mama" doesn't make supper for her and "papa," who usually gives her bites right from his fork.

She is a food lover and nothing is eaten without her knowing it. She can be in the deepest sleep and if Linda or Robert go to the fridge or even near the kitchen, she is right there! and of course, she has to have the last bite of anything. Forget to do it or ignore her and she will make this funny little pleading sound so they'll look at her and see those big, brown, pleading eyes. Done in true boxer fashion Nola!


Oh, oh....this must be one of Nola's famous boxer howls of displeasure! LOL, how cute! You tell 'em girl!

Nola, like all boxers, loves to play tug and chase. Daily after supper she goes and chooses a toy, brings it to them, and when you go back to pick it up, she'll grab it away and run for you to chase her. Ignore her, and she'll sit it in your lap and give these little growls as if daring you to take it.

As for favorite toys, she has several stuffed animals in which they find at auctions and yard sales. Linda says if they weren't able to purchase them cheaply, they'd be broke as she loves them so much, literally tearing them apart after a couple of days and removing the stuffing.

Toys with any kind of squeaking noise inside them is fair game to be torn apart shortly after she gets them. She has to get rid of the squeak.

Say the word "present" in front of Nola and she knows she is getting a new toy, which is usually once a week. Linda says she is spoiled like an only child. See, we told you, lol, spoiled rotten. Besides, all boxers should be spoiled, right? ;o)


Nola is also a wrestler. Being 80 lbs., it's not too much of a chore for her to get us on the Linda and Robert on the floor. And, knowing how boxers just love to kiss you until you can't breathe, you can just imagine,says Linda. There is no escape, and Linda usually laughs her head off which makes her attack all the faster. <chuckle> Linda usually ends up soaked from her tongue lashing her. Boy, do we know that feeling!

Nola shares her home with Wriggley, a 13 year old male tomcat and a parakeet named Barney. They all seem to get along real well, but Nola has a habit of getting too frisky for the cat and of course sometimes stealing Wriggley's toys. She loves to take his catnip mice and again, loves to pull them apart. Does she roll in the catnip Linda? I had a boxer that would do that. I swear she was part cat somewhere. ;o)

The one thing that amazes Linda the most about Nola is her love of the parakeet. Once, when Linda was cleaning his cage, Nola came to investigate. Well, something sparked between them as they started verbalizing. Since that day, Nola goes to the cage when she cleans it and will say something to the bird and the bird does the same thing. Amazing indeed! Then they'll kiss each other through the cage. It is so remarkable.

She also loves to interact with the children who live next door to us. Whenever she notices the 3 girls outside playing, she'll ask to go outside so she can more or less call them over, which they love doing. Seems that kids and boxers just go hand in hand and Nola is no exception. She just loves the attention and playtime they give her.

"Does mischief automatically go with the breed boxer"? says Linda. She thinks so and Nola has truly gotten into her share. One day, while away at work, Nola literally shredded their 10x12 linoleum floor in a thousand pieces and put them all in a pile in the next room. then, there is the "potted plant incident." She pulled the stem out of the dirt, then took every grain of potting soil out of the pot and strewed it covering the entire floor. Meanwhile the plant's pot was left standing upright. Linda still cannot figure out how she managed to not get any of the dirt on any other floor of the house. And from the size of the plant and the amount of soil, Linda realized she was an industrious worker, lol!

Linda says she could not scold her for doing it and only could give her a hug. Since then they haven't had any more destruction take place, but with the help of giving Nola her own room, which is an open room, with a gate to keep her out of the rest of the house while we are away, has helped. there she has her own couch, blankets, pillows and of course, a big box of toys. It is located in the front of their home, has 2 big windows where she enjoys going to when it is time for moma or papa to come home. It is the greatest feeling seeing her waiting for them after a long day at work. Not every dog gets their own room Linda is told, but she replies with, not every dog is Nola! ;o)

Another favorite activity of Nola's, besides watching and guarding against squirrels or or other critters in the backyard, and singing. Get out a music box, sing or play the keyboard and she is right there singing away also in her own howling style. She is quite the entertainer. Her favorite song is "You're Sixteen" by Ringo Starr, which Linda sings to her during bath time while scrubbing her. If it happens to be playing on the radio she runs right to it and looks at the radio as if she is truly listening. So, Linda tells everyone it is her song and Nola's song.

When Nola is not eating, playing, kissing, or any of the other things your typical boxer will be doing, she is sleeping and cuddling. And very cutely we might add. Her favorite position in bed is right between "papa" and "mama" complete with her own pillow and covered to her head with covers.

Lind has become so accustomed to her being there every night that if she decides to go sleep on the floor during a warm evening, Linda has a hard time falling to sleep. When Nola first started sleeping with them, she was a lot smaller and it wasn't too much of a problem, but by the time she was a little over a year old, the bed started to feel smaller. So, to remedy the problem, we they bought a bigger bed, lol!

Nola does have one bad habit that they are trying to break and that's stealing all the blankets when she decides it's too cool and goes under the blankets to the bottom of the bed. Linda says that it's not pleasant waking up on a cold winter night in Vermont with no covers and no way to get them away from an 80 lb. boxer. At least their feet are warm. ;o)

All in all says Linda, Nola is one super dog and they are so happy that God brought her to them. There is not a day that Linda doesn't thank God for sending Nola to them. She is more than a pet and they truly have to say they lover her and she loves them with all their hearts and souls. There definitely is a strong bond and Linda cannot imagine life without her. She is there when they wake in the morning and she is there when they arrive home from work. She is there when they go to bed an night. She truly helps make their house a home.

Well Linda and Robert, Nola is truly amazing indeed and so very special. We have just loved her story. Thank you so much for sharing her with us. We are so proud to welcome Nola as the newest member of the White Pages. September 29, 2000.




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