This beautiful young lady is Neige and she is owned by Ty Moorhead of Bedford, Texas. Isn't she a beauty? Ty tells us that Neige means snow in French. :o) We think that's a terrific name Ty, but you'll have to tell us how you pronounce it.

Ty got her when she was 6 weeks old. She was born on October 23, 1997 and will be 2 years old this year.


When Ty went to get Neige, the breeder told him that many whites were culled at birth because of their color. And that's true, but we hope the tide is turning these days for our precious whites.

The breeder had two whites to choose from and Ty picked Neige because she started nibbling on his finger when he picked her up. have to love 'em!

Ty tells us that Neige likes to give big, wet kisses to anyone brave enough to put their head to hers. She was not very fond of Ty's roommate's cat though. Ty says that she loves having her picture taken, and she is spoiled rotten!! Awww...truly a boxer owner Ty! :o)


Here Ty is pictured with Neige when she was a puppy and his little niece, Chais. What a wonderful picture!

Ty said that Neige was so tiny and really slept a lot, but now she is very playful. She likes playing tug-of-war with her rope and also likes chewing on things like her toys, and bones, and as Ty says, "basically anything she can get her teeth on!" :o)


When Neige goes outside, she has to wear her sunscreen lotion because of her sensitive skin. She loves to hang out by the pool and she is a very good swimmer.

She has temper tantrums though if she is not given the attention she wants or thinks she deserves.

Neige will either lean against Ty or have one paw touching him constantly. When she sleeps in bed, she always has to be right next to him and of course she sleeps right in the middle.

The most memorable moment Ty remembers is when he first got her. It was probably the second night and she was sleeping in bed with him. The lady Ty adopted her from said not to let her sleep with him because she might have an accident. Well Ty says, "stupid me....couldn't resist" and he let Neige sleep with him, and on that second night he woke up and though he was sweating big time. It turns out that Neige had wet the bed and his back, lol! Boy Ty, you got boxerized in a hurry! :o) Ty says it wasn't a good feeling at 2 in the morning!

Neige now lives in a nice home with a very good friend who takes excellent care of her and has a nice big backyard for her to play in, since Ty lives in a small one bedroom apartment now. Neige is loved by everyone and she deserves, says Ty.

"This page is dedicated to you Neige, you are a perfect white angel. XOXO........Ty. "

Ty, we think Neige is just beautiful......she takes our breath away, as the song goes.........:o) We're so very please to welcome her to the White Pages as the newest member of our growing family. Thank you so much for sharing her with all of us. July 1, 1999.


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