This lovely and adorable little darling is Mozart, and he is owned by Laurie Neron of Saguenay-Lac St-Jean, Quebec.

Mozart was born on September 20, 1998. He is now 5 months old and 1 week. He weighs 45 pounds. He is all white but has a black nose, lips, and some black on this stomach. He shares his home with his mom Charlotte, his aunt Zoe, a cat named Baby, and a chaffinch.



Laurie tells us that Mozart is lucky to be alive. His birth was very hard. His mother Charlotte was in her first pregnancy, and she was carrying 13 puppies! Imagine that! Her labor was hard and she became so tired that the vet finally did a caesarian section. Laurie's mom and dad stimulated the puppies to breathe. One pup died before it was born. And there's little Mozart, the only white in the bunch.......what a cutie!


Charlotte's heart stopped, but the vet was able to resuscitate her. She also hemorrhaged, and Laurie says they waited a day before they knew if she would live or not. She came out of it just fine, thank goodness, but she didn't have enough milk for all 12 puppies, so Laurie and her mom gave them their puppy formula (home confection) to the puppies every 2 hours the first weeks, and at every 6 hours the second month. Laurie says that they loved the experience of caring for the pups. "It's a very big and complicated story" says Laurie, "but it's the most beautiful for me because this story gave me my precious baby Mozart". Laurie says that before Mozart was born, she didn't know about the existence of white boxers.


Awww, isn't he cute! Laurie says that this is the first time Mozart went outside to investigate the big wide world around him. We can only imagine what he was many things to investigate.......and so many things that were BIGGER than little Mozart! It must be a scary experience in some ways when pups first greet the outdoors for the first time, but it doesn't take them but a few minutes to realize what fun it is!


Oh look.......Mozart is taking a nap in Laurie's sweet. Here he is only the tender age of one month, and Laurie says that he always, always slept on his back. Boy, those boxer traits are showing up early aren't they? What a little trooper Mozart is! It must have been a wonderful experience for Laurie and Mozart as she nurtured him, and fed him until he could eat on his own. :o) Laurie........we think you make a great mom!! :o)


Laurie says that Mozart is a very calm and sweet dog. He loves to give kisses (love those boxer slurps...:o) and he always sleeps peacefully, never barks, and asks for nothing. He is very curious, and observes all around him. In Laurie's words, "He's a perfect dog!!! And we believe it! :o)



Oh, how adorable! This is Mozart snoozing away with his best friend and brother, Boudha. Sometimes Mozart goes and visits Boudha at his home, and many times, Boudha comes to visit Mozart. Well, from the looks of this picture, Mozart and Boudha both look like their in doggie dreamland without a care in the world! :o)


At home, Mozart has many friends. He has Charlotte his mother, who plays with him all the time. She also lets Mozart sleep *on* her, when she is in a good mood! Oh what sight....I don't think I've ever seen a picture quite like this one. Mozart also has his Aunt Zoe pictured in the other chair.



Here Mozart is pictured with his aunt Zoe and their cat Baby. Laurie says that Zoe is a little older than Mozart, so she doesn't want to play with him often. He irritates her......sometimes he's just a little mean, says Laurie. Baby is so old,'s certain he doesn't play with Mozart. They also have a bird, a chaffinch, but Mozart knows he can't play with him. :o)


Here, Mozart is sleeping with aunt Zoe......:o)

Outdoors, Mozart plays with a golden retriever named Sophie. At their first meeting Sophie wasn't too fond of Mozart, but after some weeks, she allowed him into her kennel to play.


Mozart loves to walk in the forest behind his home with Laurie's mother and his doggie friends. He runs and plays and when he comes home, he sleeps a lot!!! Laurie says that when he sleeps his makes many little sounds and he looks like he is either laughing or he is angry. :o)

The toy that Mozart prefers the most is a little pig who makes a sound when he is squeezed. He also has big fun with a plastic bottle and wood. He loves to play with tennis balls.

Mozart gets into mischief every so often when alone........he loves to get the house plants in pots! Laurie says, "I think it's enough a big mischief!" :o)

Laurie, we think your little Mozart is an absolute darling, and we thank you so much for sharing him with us. We are very pleased to welcome him to the White Pages as the newest member. 3/5/1999.


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