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Awwww, what a sweet little girl this is! This is Morgan and she is owned by Kimberly Clifford and her finance Jesse Knight of Port Weller, Ontario, Canada. Isn't she a darling? :o)

Kimberly tells us that Morgan is approximately 3 years old. She was a surprise Valentine's gift from Jesse. Kimberly says it was love at first sight!

Morgan's favorite thing to do is go for a walk on the beach. She does the craziest things on the sand and just runs around non-stop. Her second favorite thing to do is sleep. :o) She sleeps, gets up and stretches, and then finds a better place to sleep (usually she moves with the sun spots on the carpet). And while she sleeps, she snores, passes gas, barks and chases squirrels in her dreams. Sounds like a tried and true boxer to us! <g>

Morgan's favorite game is hide and seek. Kimberly and Jesse hide, from Morgan.....she finds them every time. She only plays fetch and any other games when "SHE" wants to. That's why Kimberly and Jesse call her the "little princess".

Morgan does have bad separation anxiety. She hyperventilates and stresses out when they leave, and she tends to get into things. Kimberly says it has gotten so much better since Morgan started to realize they were coming back to her. So, one of her habits is to bring garbage cans into the living room to let them know she is displeased that they left her! :o)


Here's a picture of Morgan right after she buried her bone....:o) Kimberly says that a few weeks after Morgan first came to live with them, they gave her a bone. She chewed it for awhile and was very happy with it. They left the room for about 20 minutes and when they came back, they saw a little line of blood running towards this pile of binders, cushions and anything else around Morgan's height. After a few minutes they figured out that she had decided to bury her bone in the house! And the blood was a small cut that she had gotten on her nose from rubbing it on the carpet while moving all the stuff around the bone. After they unburied it, they found it jammed under the sofa.....:o) Says Kimberly, "And I really didn't think that dogs buried bones! Silly me!"

Morgan's best friend is Bogart, an 8 year old golden retriever. Jesse's parent's dog. Whenever they visit, the dogs box and wrestle until exhaustion...then take a break and start all over again! After about Round 30, they decide to sleep and Morgan tries to lay on Bogart because of his furry coat. Kimberly says she is spoiled and only the cushiest bed will do. :o) She pretends to look the other way, and slowly, lays on Bogart's belly, and just before she's down, he gets up and moves........they do this until Morgan gives up! :o)

Morgan is just a sweetheart, and Kimberly says she loves everyone and everyone loves her. She especially loves kids because they are about her height, and she can lick all the candy off their mouths.

Kimberly and Jesse, we think Morgan is just a little sweetheart too. We are so pleased to welcome her to the White Pages, and congratulations once again for being the 100th boxer on our site Morgan!! 5/1/99.



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