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Update: New pictures of Molly as a pup below!


Would you have a look at this lovely young lady! Isn't she beautiful? Her name is Molly and she is owned by Bill and Tracy Newns and their children Willy and Christine of Warminster, Pa., a northwest suburb of Philadelphia.

Molly is just a little over a year and a half old.......her birthday is February 14, 1997. She's a Valentine's Baby! :o)





Bill tells us that Molly loves to ride in the car. They had a Ford Mustang when they brought Molly home, but traded it in for a mini van so Molly could go with them. How's that for a devoted family? :o).

Molly loves to run in the yard. Bill said that she ran into a tree full speed one day when making a real close turn. He says they laugh about it now, but at the time it scared the heck out of them.





Is this ever a typical boxer pose....:o). Looks like Molly is enjoying a toy. Bill says that she is incredibly spoiled, and loves to sleep with them, all 73 pounds of her. Hmmm, that sounds familiar!

Molly loves to mess up a freshly made bed. She steals Christine's Barbie dolls and hides under the bed. She sure must love beds! :o) Bill says that if you don't see her mischief, she'll come show you and then hide back under the bed, lol!

Molly also likes to steal tissues out of the trash and then shred them to pieces. In the summer she loves to swim. She won't go near the baby pool that Bill and Tracy got for her.....she wants to swim where her family does....in the big pool! :o)

Molly plays with all the kids in the neighborhood. She just plain loves people. When it comes to other dogs, she will play with the small ones, but doesn't like dogs her size or larger, and wants to fight with them. Bill says they are working on her training, and she is very good at it when she wants to be. :o).

Bill tells us that he was aware that some white puppies are culled when they are born, so he was so thrilled to get Molly when she was born. Bill says that they had her spayed as soon as she was old enough. Good for you Bill!

Awww, what sweet pictures. Bill sent us these to add to Molly's page. Wasn't she a doll? She still is, and we think she's very, very special.

Bill, Tracy, Christine and Willy, it sounds like Molly is a big love.....we think she's gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing her with all of us. We are so proud to include Molly on The White Pages...:o)

Song "Good Golly Miss Molly"

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