Awww, what a sweet little boy. Isn't he cute? This is Mojo, and he is owned by Richard Smith of Arthur, Texas. Mojo is now 10 weeks old.

Rick says that he and Mojo are constant companions and go everywhere together.

At the present time, Rick is hoping to get Mojo's CGC and work towards his obedience and agility titles.


Mojo is an only dog, but Rick says that his nephew in Florida has two boxers, Blitz and Ginger. All three are already buddies in true boxer fashion, and they allowed Mojo to terrorize them during their last visit.

Looks like Mojo is doing a pretty good job doesn't it? :o). It is truly amazing just how patient our adult boxers can be with the little's so cute, not to mention completely endearing to watch them go about play and Rick says, "in true boxer fashion." :o)


Awww, looks like little Mojo is plumb tuckered out from terrorizing his buddies Blitz and Ginger. :o) It's most definitely time for a long nap!

Rick says that Mojo's hearing is just fine. He plans on leaving his ears natural. Bravo!

Mojo has learned to walk on a lead and is learning to sit now. Rick says however, that the first thing Mojo learned was how comfortable his bed is to sleep on. Now that does sound familiar. Rick says he insists on sleeping there, and can already get on the bed without help.


Rick says that he and Mojo is a great friend and companion, and they are already best "buds." :o) Boy, we can understand that....all of us know that feeling well. And it seems to me that white boxers just have that extra little something in their disposition that makes them very special, not to mention irresistable. :o).

Thanks so much for sharing Mojo with us Rick. He's just the cutest little guy! We're so pleased to welcome him to the White Pages as our newest member.




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