This extraordinary young man is Milo. Aren't his markings striking? :o). He is owned by Winky Taylor of Apple Valley, Minnesota. Milo was rescued by Winky and her family. Winky tells us that he was born April 3, 1998 in North Dakota, and she received a call from a rescue person, asking if she'd foster him until a home could be found. Winky says that this person knew they wanted another white boxer after they lost their white boxer girl Ella in May....:o) They brought Milo to Winky's house and it was love at first sight!


Would you just look at the markings on Milo.....he's so beautiful! :o). Here he is with Winky's other boxer Leroy. They both look quite content on the bed don't they? Look familiar anyone? :o) Winky tells us that the minute they saw him, they made their minds up right then and there that Milo was theirs...:o) She says that he's such a sweetie pie. The rescue person that asked Winky to foster Milo knew what she was doing.......she knew Winky couldn't resist this precious baby, lol!!


Oh what a beautiful boxer he is! We know Winky and her family must be so proud of Milo. Winky says that he is extremely intelligent and picks up things quickly. He's also a "touchy" boy......he has to be touching Winky all the time when he's in the house. :o). Hmmm, that sounds pretty familiar to me too. Milo and Leroy, Winky's 1-1/2 year old fawn boxer get along beautifully. Their favorite game is playing tug of war with a knotted rope. They also play hide and seek outside. One will run around the shed or a bush and the other will stand perfectly still, then jump out at whichever one is running around. What a hoot!! :o). Then they do the boxer mouth thing for awhile, and it starts all over again. Winky says that Milo's favorite toys are the tug rope and a rubber tug toy.


Oh look, here's Milo, Leroy and Buster on the right. Buster is Winky's son's boxer. My but they do make a fine group don't they? Winky says that the three of them have a ball when they get together to play.

Winky says that Milo is a talker and can do the "wiggle butt" from the word go! Leroy doesn't talk, but he does a mean kidney bean just like Milo....:o). Leroy is the leaper in the family!

Both dogs love kids and Winky says that Milo just can't get close enough to their 1-1/2 year old granddaughter when she's visiting. She returns that love and attention right back! Sounds like a match made in heaven Winky.....what a lovely family!

Thank you so much Winky, for sharing Milo, Leroy and Buster with us......we think they're just beautiful! We are so happy to welcome you and your boxer babies to the White Pages.


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