This beautiful and expressive young man is Mason a two year old white beauty owned by Ina, Jill, Rebecca and Hannah Davies of Parkgate, Wirral, England. Mason also shares his household with a budgie called Sunny and the garden with a rabbit called Sugar. :o)

Mason was born on March 28, 1996 and was one of two whites in the litter. They purchased Mason from Marbledon Kennels near Liverpool in May 1996 mainly because the children wanted a cat, also to overcome their youngest daughter's fear of dogs.

Jill went to purchase a brindle, but fell in love with this little white furball, so she brought him home instead, and the girls, Rebecca and Hannah gave him his name Mason.....and what a good name it is! :o)








Awww, this is such a sweet picture. Here is Jill and Mason cuddling in a chair. :o) We can see that Mason is one happy boxer boy!

Ian tells us that Mason's favorite toys are anything that squeaks and anything that he knows he shouldn't have. Ah...true boxer spirit indeed! :o) He loves to play tag in the kitchen with his dad where he offers the squeaky toy and then runs away when touched. But his favorite game of all is to dig large holes in the garden! Mason now has his own play area fenced off so he can play without destroying the garden or knocking the children over! My but he must be an energetic boy, but aren't they all? :o)








Awwww, here Mason is at 8 weeks. Isn't he adorable? :o)

Ian says that Mason loves to chew things, especially pigs ears and household items. His teething phase cost the Davies an iron, a kettle, a new door, 2 children's dresses (brand new and never worn), a loaf of bread complete with wrapper washed down with one liter of blackcurrant cordial which gave him pink legs for a week, lol.......also one dozen doughnuts and more recently he managed to tear up a patch of kitchen flooring which he then ate! My goodness, this dog has a cast iron tummy!!






Here is another adorable picture of Mason at 12 weeks old.

Ian also tells us that Mason loves to lie on his back while he has his tummy scratched. He is still a big baby and loves to lean back on Jill's and Ian's legs whenever either of them are standing still for longer than ten seconds. :o)







Here Mason is pictured with Rebecca left, and Hannah right. This was after his castration, and the girls were nursing him back to health. And we're sure you did a great job Rebecca and Hannah!

Ian says that Mason does not dislike any activities and so far, hasn't taken a dislike to anyone he has met, but he does however, have a massive dislike for carrots which would seem odd compared to some of the things he eats, or tries to eat.





Well would you just look at this? Isn't this just a picture that says it all? One big, happy boxer playing with his dad Ian. Just look at the expression on his face? If that isn't joy and love, I don't know what is. :o)

Ian says that without a doubt, Mason views Jill as the leader of the pack and treats her with the greatest respect. Hannah and Rebecca he treats as other puppies (or does he think he's a child?) and as for Dad, he is just another dog to nip and play with, lol. :o) Looks like dad enjoys it just as much as Mason does.....:o)

He always attracts attention from the other dog owners when he is out walking and heads always to turn to look at him because people rarely see white boxers in their local area. Ian says that he's sure Mason knows he is quite special.....:o) And so are we.....:o)

Ian says they are presently investigating the adoption of a second boxer through Boxer Rescue in the UK. Mason needs more than the family to burn off his energy or as Ian says, "Is it just that we need a small excuse to own another white baby." Spoken like a true boxer aficionado Ian!

Ian, Jill, Rebecca and Hannah, we certainly have enjoyed Mason. He is one special boy, and we thank you so much for sharing him with all of us. We are happy to welcome Mason to the White Pages as the newest member. 6/13/99.

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