Oh, what a precious little thing this little guy is. This is Magnum when he was just a little guy. He is owned by Fred and Julie Donnelly of Manama, Bahrain. He was born February 13, 1995 and is now 4 years old. Fred and Julie found Magnum in Thetford, England. They tell us that there were 5 whites and 4 fawns in the litter.

Julie and Fred tell us that Magnum loves to be around people, walks, and runs in the forest, going to the beach in Bahrain, having a cup of tea and biscuits, going to the swimming pool and splashing in the water. Magnum also loves going for rides in the car or van and has to sit in the passenger seat.


Here's Magnum all grown up, and definitely enjoying his chew bone.....:o)

The Donnelly's tell us that Magnum's one dislike is being told he is going to get a bath. He will usually lie down and make you put his collar on him to take him for the bath. :o) I think alot of us do that same thing!

He also doesn't like being told no. When they do tell Magnum no, he sits back and barks at them. He also doesn't like the Donnelly's going out of the house without house without him and knows if they are getting ready to go somewhere. Magnum will then sit near the door hoping they will say it is okay for him to come.


Magnum's favorite game is being chased in the garden. He will come up and bark, letting you know he wants to play, and as soon as you run after him he runs from one end of the garden to the next and then back again. He also loves having a tug of war with any old sock or shirt and hearing the item tear. His favorite toys are numerous: any hedgehog squeaky toy, soft balls with bells inside them, crazy ball (a motorized ball that moves all around the floor), and tennis balls. Goodness, we think that all boxers must love balls from everything that we've heard. I think the running too, is another adorable trait found in our boxer babies.......:o)


Magnum has a few mischief's too. :o) If they are sitting watching TV or reading the paper and he thinks he isn't getting enough attention, he will come over to them and put his paw on them, or put his head over the newspaper, to get their attention....:o) This will keep up until the Donnelly's have stopped and played with him for awhile. He is also very good at waking them up in the morning and if he thinks Julie and Fred have been sleeping too long he will jump on the bed and hover over them, licking them, until they get up. If they pay no attention to this he will use his paws to pull their arms until they notice him and say hello......:o)


Magnum loves anyone, but is not too crazy about cats. If he sees or smells a cat he will run all over the garden to try and find the cat. The Donnelly's have no other pets, but Julie found a box of pups that had been dumped behind their villa while out walking Magnum one day. She brought them back to the house until she could get them to the SPCA. Magnum was as good as gold with them. He would not leave the side of the box that they were sleeping in. It was like he was the protector of the pups, bless his heart.

Around other people, he always likes to be playing and sometimes can get very excited. Boy, don't they all? :o) With more than one boxer in the house, it get's even more exciting!



While riding in the passenger seat, Magnum will put his paw on either the window or their shoulder while they are driving. At night time he will let the Donnelly's know when it is time for his bones and bedtime. They normally give him a couple of treats around 8:00 to 8:30PM and he will come over to them around that same time every night to make sure they don't forget. :o) Because Fred has to go to work so early in the morning, he will give Julie a kiss at night. Then Magnum comes over to where Fred is sitting, will come up on the seat and make sure he get's his attention also. Once all the hugs and kisses are completed, Fred will go to the bedroom and Magnum will follow him and lie on the bed.


Wow! What a toy this is! Gosh, we wonder if Magnum could possibly be just as spoiled as the rest of our white babies, :o) Bet he is!

The Donnelly's also tell us that once, when walking Magnum in England, he got too curious near a river bank and ended up rolling down the bank into the river. On another occasion, he got curious again, about some swans that were in the river, and one of them came after Magnum, lol!

Well, it surely is true that our white boxer babies are constantly amusing us by their precious antics, and Magnum is no exception to that. :o)

Julie and Fred, thank you so very much for sharing Magnum with the rest of us. He's a very special boy, and we have enjoyed hearing about him so much. We are proud and honored to welcome Magnum as the newest member of the White Pages! 6/14/99.



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