What a stunning photograph! This little one is Maggie, and this is one of her mom's bridal photos. How gorgeous! Maggie is owned by Beth and Chad Wilburn, of Concord, North Carolina. Isn't she the most precious little thing? They had only had her one week when this photo was taken.

Beth says the first time she and Chad saw her she was only 2 weeks old, and the only white in the litter. They brought her home at 6 weeks......Beth says she was a feisty little thing! The only color she had was a pea sized brown spot on her ear. But when Maggie's ears were cropped, that took the little spot away.



Maggie became "Daddy's Little Girl" from the very beginning. Her breeder told Beth and Chad that there was a chance that Maggie might be deaf. After they had had Maggie for about a month, they were positive that she was deaf. They started teaching her hand signals, so she can now sit, come and shake on command. Beth says the biggest challenge of all is to get her attention when she is walking away from them. Other than the deafness, she is perfectly healthy. They have never had any problems with her, and if Beth and Chad didn't tell a person that she was deaf, you would never know it by her actions.


Beth says they had just gotten married so Maggie was their first "baby". They spoiled her rotten, and Beth says she even sleeps with them. Boy, I think we all must sleep with our boxers......a boxer thing, so to speak.....:o).

In February of 1998, Beth and Chad got Maggie a "little brother"....his name is Max. Here you can see Maggie and Max on their first day together. She looks to be very patient, if not a little mystified......:o). She was a little bit cautious of him at first. She would chase him around the back yard as well. Beth believes that Max thinks that Maggie is his mother. It is so funny to watch them together because they act just like kids!



Here they are all grown up, and just beautiful! Beth says that Max now outweighs his "big sister"......:o). In the snow picture, Beth had just thrown Maggie a ball, and the snow splashed up in her face. How cute!

Maggie's favorite treats are pigs ears. Beth thinks Maggie likes to Bully Max a little because she'll chew on hers awhile and then put it down and go take Max's from him. When she finally lets him have it back he will pounce around her and throw it up in the air as if to say "Ha, ha, I've got it back!" That really aggravates her....:o). Beth says that she can tell they love each other because they stick together like glue!


Beth thinks that Maggie's favorite times are in the back yard. They had an 8 foot privacy fence put up around the whole back yard so Maggie wouldn't have to be confined to a leash all the time.

As we can see here, Maggie's favorite sleeping place is her daddy's recliner. Isn't she cute all cuddled up? :o) She will climb up in the chair and sleep for hours. When Chad isn't home she will she'll get up on the chair like she's saving it for him....so no one else will sit in it......:o).


Beth isn't sure what Maggie's favorite toy is because she likes them all. She seems to favor a little rubber glow worm that Maggie had when she was young. Maggie loves to chew on it, and never tears it up. The stuffed toys never last long because Maggie takes them apart and pulls the stuffing out.

Maggie is a big kisser. When someone comes over, she runs and greets them at the door and smothers them with wet kisses. She loves everyone, and has never met a stranger. :o)

One of the crazy things she does is to chase reflections from lights. If you take a flashlight and run the light on the floor, she will chase it and bark at it like crazy. Beth says that it's so funny to watch! LOL.......we can only imagine!

Maggie is a very special girl to Beth and Chad. They lover her very, very much. Beth says she never thought she would be so crazy about an animal, but that she is definitely is crazy about Maggie. She tells us that she recently got a personalized license tag that reads BOXERMOM. She thinks that's very appropriate and so do we!

Beth and Chad, we think Maggie is very special too.......and her brother Max! Thank you so much for sharing them with all of us! They're both just beautiful, and we are so proud to add Maggie as the newest member of the White Pages!



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