This lovely young lady is Maggie May and she is owned by Cyndee Polston of Flagstaff, Arizona. Isn't she a beauty? Cyndee tells us that this is one of her favorite pictures of Maggie, and we can see why.

Maggie is Cyndee's second boxer in a family of 4 boxers now. She shares her household with Samson, Kirbi and Buster. Kirbi is white also, and will be getting his own page on the White Pages very soon.....:o).


Maggie is now 2 years old. Cyndee says that she fell in love with white boxers after she saw the White Pages...:o). Maggie is deaf and is doing quite well. Samson has taught Maggie May how to scratch on the door when she needs to go out...:o) She is also light sensitive and one of her favorite things to do is go down to Cyndee's room and sit at her daddy's desk and wait for him to play with her using the flashlight. She loves to follow the light all around. :o) They call her antics "Maggie's Light Aerobics!"

Cyndee still keeps in touch with Maggie's first owner and sends her updates and pictures of Maggie.


Awww, isn't this a sweet picture of Maggie May and her buddy Samson? Cyndee tells us that she has a table under a nice window in the living room with a sheepskin rug and Maggie and Samson both love to lie there and look out the window...:o) Favorite toys include just about all the toys in the toy box. Cyndee says that Maggie and Samson drag out one toy after another.


Oh boy, we can tell that this one knows how to make herself comfortable! What adorable pictures, lol! Our favorite is Maggie in the yellow chair.....:o) This picture was taken right after Cyndee had Maggie spayed, so she's all stretched out for a well deserved rest.


Here's another adorable picture........this is Maggie May snoozing away with Cyndee's son Zach. Don't you just want to give her a big hug?!!

Cyndee, your Maggie is so precious......thank you for sharing her with all of us. We are so proud to welcome her and your family to the White Pages!




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