Lou B

Passed from this life, August 21, 2002, at the age of 11 years.


This is Lou B, owned by Liz Tsonton of Charlotte, North 
Carolina. What a handsome fellow he is, and a very fortunate 
one as well. Lou B came very close to euthanasia.


Liz tells us that a litter of pups were brought into the 
animal hospital she worked at 6 years ago to have their tails 
docked. They were only 3 days old, and the most beautiful and 
fattest pup of all was to be euthanized because he was white. 
Liz begged her boss
to talk to the breeders, and they finally 
agreed to let Liz adopt Lou. She has had him since he was 3 
days old.......he only weighed 8 ounces. That was April 8, 
1991. Now he weighs about 90 lbs.


Lou B is the absolute love of Liz's life. She says NO ONE 
comes before him. She plans her work, school and social life 
around his needs. Lou can be aggressive, and is very protective 
and loyal. Yet he is gentle with Liz's rats and loves to groom 
and play with them. He shares the household with Annabele, Liz's 
mutt, 2 cats and 15 rats.


Lou has lots of favorite toys, mostly soft ones, his pink 
pig or his blue football. He blows bubbles from the bottom of 
his flews and he loves to play in water. His
favorite food is bread and he loves
to go for rides in the car. He has now claimed the couch as his
bed. One unusual thing that Lou does is nurse on his toys or
Liz's clothing. He will gather the object into his mouth and
nurse on it until falls asleep. It's really adorable Liz says!
Lou has a ton of nick names...Booga Man, Mooie, Pookie, Slappy,
Hammy, Boom Boom-Boom Bah Doo, Stanky, Pinky Blooby Nooby, Boo
Boo Nooskie, Moogie,
Mookie, Boongie-Boongie-Boongie, Mama's Boy,
Couch Potatah, and last but not least.......Angel! Wow, what a
list of names! :-) Thanks for sharing him with us Liz, he's one
lucky fellow to have you for a mom!


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