This beautiful young man on the right with the brindle eye patch is Logan, and he is owned by Ginny, Bob, Dan and Beth Porter of LaGrangeville, New York. Isn't he gorgeous? :o) He is pictured here with his big brother Jake, and gosh....who's that in the middle? :o) They do make a handsome trio don't they?

Besides big brother Jake, Logan shares his home with shepherd mix named Sassy. Logan is 10 months old. Big brother Jake has his own page at :o)

Ginny tells us that she bumped into a lady on Boxer Chat one night who needed to find a home for a white puppy. She already had Logan's mother and brother along with an older mixed breed dog and knew that she could not give him the attention he needed. She emailed a picture of Logan as a newborn to Ginny and she fell in love with him right then and there! He joined their family 7 days later.



Logan and Jake will chase each other for hours, playing "keep away". His favorite toys are anything he can chew, or, whatever Sassy is playing with at the time! :o) He also loves to get Jake going. He will growl and snarl at the sliding doors, leading Jake to believe that there is something terrible out there. Then he will lay on the couch looking quite innocent, while Jake is still making a racket at the doors over nothing! LOL!!

Well Ginny and Bob, sounds like Logan is one ornery boxer, but then, aren't they all? :o) He's just beautiful, and we're so happy to welcome him to the White Pages with his big brother Jake. Thank you so much for sharing him with all of us!


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