This beautiful young lass is Lady Piercy Hart III, AKA, Lady. Isn't she beautiful? She is very proudly owned by Richard Hart of Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania.

Lady is a large framed female, and weighs in at 90 pounds. She was born on January 26, 1997.

Richard tells us that he got Lady after he lost his baby Abby Hart who died at a young age of 5 years with liver damage and arthritis in her spine. Lady was the twin of another white pup in her litter.

At about the age of 8 weeks Richard noticed that she would not respond to her name, Richard called the vet. After some exams and home tests, it was confirmed that she was deaf.



Awww, what a little sweetie.....she's reaching for her dog bone. We can see her little housemate Tara looking on. Richard says they believe that God led Lady to their household knowing they would give her a good home and lots of love.

Richard says the breeder was amazed and has never had a deaf pup born from any fawn or brindle. She was wonderful in returning some of the money paid for Lady to assist with training costs and also promised a pick from another litter, free of charge. Wow Richard, what a wonderful lady!

Richard says the best advice with Lady and her deafness worked out fine and that was to train her to respond to whatever commands worked for them at their home.



Lady, by command, knows how to sit, come, stay, give a paw, give a lick or kiss, and when she is bad she knows the finger point is a BAD sign. :o)

She housebroke at an early age, bless her heart. Her sense of smell and sight is tremendous! (We find that to be so with our deaf girl too Richard.) As a chef, she thrills in tasting all the cuisine that Richard comes up with. She loves shrimp, fried green peppers, and corn on the cob. She also loves cookies, cheesecake, pies, especially warm apple pie with ice cream! Oh yes, there is also pizza, vegetables, and potato chips! My goodness, she does have quite the discerning tongue doesn't she? :o) And as Richard says, "she doesn't overindulge much?!?! LOL!



Richard says that she is a very happy dog. Her favorite toys are budda bones, blue racquet balls, and pretty much anything her buddy Tara has at the time. Richard says that they have about 30 toys and they always seem to be on his bed or under foot.

She loves to drag the budda bones outside and leave them out until it rains and then she'll just prance in with a soaking wet budda bone and throw it up on my bed for the night. Richard says he truly thinks that boxers have a mindset all their own!



How cute! Happy birthday Lady! :o)

Richard says that Lady is ingenious. She has figured out how to jump up at both storm doors and open them to allow herself outside whenever she pleases.

She likes to drink water from the faucet in the bathtub. Loves water, playing in it, the hose and what not! She loves the rain and going out in thunderstorms, while Tara hides under a counter, Lady stands in pouring monsoon rains! Hmm...we wonder how many boxers actually will do that. My boxer trio sure won 't. No way!



Awww, here's a precious picture of Lady's buddy Tara. Isn't she a little beauty?

Lady favors guys more than women. "She rarely kisses women folk" says Richard, but loves to lick men to death. :o) She (when in the mood) allows Tara to lick and clean and mother her. But she rarely returns the favor. Richard says he wonders who thinks "she" is in charge, lol!

Richard says she's not a great watch dog, but lately is coming into her own. She is terrified of being left alone. While a puppy, she would get into everything and make unbelievable messes! Sound familiar anyone? :o) As a grown up now, she is never into anything as long as someone is home. Richard says he went into the basement recently while she was sleeping and heard her wake and roam the house looking for him. Then she began to get into things.

After a bit, Richard thought he should check on her. She got into a bag of potato chips, a bag of buns, and when he found her in the kitchen, she had her head buried in a 20 pound flour bin with flour all over her face and nose. Wow, what a sight that must have been! Richard says she kind of knew she was "busted!" But she was so utterly happy to see Richard.

Lady also loves the fireplace and patio. She likes to sit in a lawn chair and watch the fire when they cook out or entertain for the evening. If she gets too warm she'll take someone else's chair when they get up!

She likes to drink from a pop or soda bottle. She has a way of knowing how to turn her head so you can put the tip of the bottle into her jowls and give her a drink. :o) She loves beer, but isn't allowed any kind of alcohol.

Richard's dad, who passed away not long ago, nicknamed her the "white buffalo." :o) Richard's mother calls her the "hog" because she is always searching out food. (Well now, that sounds like my Cooper....he's a literal mine sweeper in the kitchen!) :o) Richard says she is on a see-food diet. She sees food and eats it! LOL!

Her latest vet visit was fine, although she is a few pounds overweight. She does get staph infections on her chin from digging in the yard. She's had four this year.

Lady is very protective and jealous of Richard. When he pets Tara, Lady works her way in between them and paws poor Tara out of the way. She refuse to sleep anywhere but with Richard. And when he comes home, she's his five o'clock shadow, lol! Richard says she also loves kids.

Richard says that they have two fenced lots so Lady and Tara have plenty of room to roam and play. They love their home, Richard, and his mother. They miss Richard's dad very much.

Well Richard, we think Lady is just as special as they come. Thank you so much for sharing Lady and Tara with us...we have enjoyed your story so much.

We are proud to welcome Lady as the newest member on the White Pages! 10/16/99.


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