These two sleeping beauties are Kobe and Tally. They are owned by Karen, Gerry and Max Donohue of Washington, D.C. Aren't they beautiful? :o) Kobe is on the left and Tally on the right.

Kobe is a female and was born October 3, 1994 and Tally is a male, born July 2, 1998. We love this picture of Kobe and Tally.........Tally almost looks like he's winking for the camera!


Ahhh, here's Kobe taking a nap, what a sweet baby. Karen tells us that Kobe was at the local pound and they were told she was deaf and didn't' have much chance of being adopted. The pound told the Donohue's that she only had another few days before they put her down. She was filthy and skinny. When pound brought Kobe out to meet the Donohue's, she wrapped herself around their legs, practically begging them to take her home. They couldn't say no! Thank goodness, God bless you for giving that baby a home!!


Looks like Kobe and Tally are making themselves right to home. Aren't all boxers couch dogs? Ours are too. :o)

Karen says that they were so in love with Kobe that no other type of dog would ever do. Only boxers and white ones for the Donohue's!! One day a friend from the local dog park called the Donohue's and told them of two white boxer pups in a pet store. They went "just" to look and of curse left with their little boy Tally. Karen says that Tally and Kobe became fast friends and are now inseparable.


This is Tally scampering in the leaves I would imagine.

Karen tells us that Tally likes almost everything. He loves food of any kind and pretty much anything Kobe is playing with. He doesn't like to get in the car or to take pills.

Kobe likes to be with her people and her brother. She hates baths and being reprimanded.


Here are Kobe and Tally at the window. This is such a beautiful picture!

Both dogs favorite game is to tackle one another and roll around through the house making as much noise as possible.....:o)

Kobe is not very mischievous, but Tally makes up for that. He loves anything wooden...chairs, sticks, wooden buttons off of coats. He also likes magazines off of the coffee table, people's hands, and Kobe's hind legs, lol! Well, sounds like a well rounded boxer to us........:o)

Karen says they are both very jealous, so the moment you start to pet one the other edges in and tries to get the attention. If they are unsuccessful, they will stand there barking until you get your hands off the other and they can go back to chewing on one another. :o)

On an interesting note, Karen says that when she and Gerry were practicing their first dance for their wedding, they found that Kobe hates dancing. Everytime they danced together, she would bark like crazy. They wrote it off as jealousy. Then one day when Karen was cleaning the house, a great song came on the radio and she started dancing around by herself. She says that Kobe grew just as agitated then. Go figure!

Tally is afraid of their son's trumpet. When he plays, Tally will run from the room with his tiny tail tucked. Karen told her father about this and one day he pulled out a flute and played a little to see if Tally would respond in same way, and he did. Running for his life!

Karen, Gerry and Max, we think your beautiful Kobe and Tally are just wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing them with all of us. We are so proud to welcome them to the White Pages as the newest members. 4/24/99.




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