This precious one is Kirbi, and she is owned by Cyndee Polston of Flagstaff, Arizona. She will be 1 year old on February 13, 1999. She is the 4th boxer in the Polston Boxer Clan. Kirbi shares her household with Samson, a brindle male, Maggie May, a white female, deaf, and Buster, a male brindle. Kirbi is also deaf.

Here Kirbi is pictured with her brother Buster. Looks like Buster is quite taken with his sister.....:o) Cyndee says that Kirbi is the happiest boxer they have ever known. She is always in a good mood and her little nub tail is always wagging.

Kirbi does know a couple of hand signals, and is crate trained.


Kirbi has the most precious little face. In the picture to the right, her big sister Maggie May is on the bottom of the picture. Aren't they a pair? :o) Cyndee says that Kirbi loves to be outside in the sun, and so they know they have to be really careful about her skin.

Kirbi likes to lay by the fireplace or the woodburning stove unlike her sister Maggie who wants nothing to do with fire.

Kirbi is very mischievous for a nine month old boxer. Cyndee says that the other day she woke up to find a huge 4 foot tall poinsettia all over her living room floor. Anything that's on the floor is fair game for Kirbi! Her brother Buster is the same way. Cyndee says it's just the toddler stage....:o).

When Kirbi goes outside, she scratches on the door to come in. If Cyndee doesn't get to the door right away, Kirbi will jump up on the picnic table on the porch and look in the kitchen window.

They have a bucket full of toys and Cyndee says it's so funny to watch them all dig for their favorite toy.......even if it's on the bottom.....they just tip over the bucket!

Cyndee, thanks so much for sharing Kirbi with us. She's a beautiful young lady and we're so happy to welcome her to the White Pages!



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